1. Scumbag

    10" Aluminum Split rims?

    Has there ever been a classic 10" aluminum split rim made by/for traditional minibikes? There's a few stylish steel 10"er's (Speedway, Rupp, Azusa, etc), and a couple 8" nice Aluminum split rims, But I have never seen a 10" Aluminum Split. If there has never been one produced, is there any...
  2. cambo61

    F/S (2) Go Power 6" aluminum 5/8" shaft front wheels

    I've had these restored pieces too long and it's time to let them go. I want $90 + ins/ship each which is more than fair considering they are fully restored. Ships from (32952). These were disassembled, blasted, and powdercoated with a very close high gloss gold. New 5/8' bearings and new...
  3. DeadPixel

    Heavy duty cast aluminum rod?

    Was looking at performance parts and found a cast aluminum high performance rod. I have seen these in a few places. Any one run these. I found a stage 1 kit that has a PLV cast flywheel, 18LB springs and the heavy duty aluminum rod. I already have a billet rod and my flywheel but am wondering...
  4. Not so mini bike

    Aluminum seat pan

    Anyone know where I can get one. Or is anyone making one?
  5. diggers

    What to do with aluminum wheel with bad bearing hole???

    I got a sleight problem on a aluminum rim. Not sure if anybody else ran across this problem but the wheel bearing just slides in instead of tapping it in. I'm sure if I run it the way it is it will just whop out the hole more making it junk in the long run. Any kind of suggestions to do or what...
  6. M

    Bonanza mx I.D. tag/vin aluminum plate needed!

    Hi, I am looking 4 a Bonanza I.D. tag 4 a mx frame minibike that I would like to restore. Does anyone have one 4 sale or trade/barter? Thanks,Bill p.s. Anyone repop them?
  7. David wulf

    Polished aluminum intake manifold

    I have a aluminum intake that will mount a mikuni 22 to a Briggs 5 hp . It has been polished by me . Price is 45 shipped OBO
  8. LSCustoms

    Aluminum Cylinder/Round Gas Tank (7 of them)

    Reference this thread some of you may know that I have been tig welding for a little while now and am putting in seat time, whenever I can. Through this time period, I have made a few tanks and a...
  9. minikenny

    WTB single 6" Ruttman aluminum wheel half

    Does anyone have a lonely 6" Ruttman aluminum wheel half in usable condition you would be willing to sell? Doesn't have to be perfect, I can hide it behind the sprocket. I would also be willing to buy both halves if that is what you have to offer. I had an unwelcome surprise when I...
  10. Aircooled

    Aluminum vs. steel sprocket

    Just a quick question in regard to using an aluminum or steel rear sprocket. I'm getting ready to order a new sprocket along with a few other parts. Which is the better choice? I'd like to change out the 74 to a 60 tooth sprocket. Preparing to install the Predator engine. Thanks for your...
  11. Not so mini bike

    Aluminum swing arm

    Brand new never used aluminum swing arm. Would work great for 10"-12" wheels or smaller. Maybe even 14". $45 plus shipping
  12. W

    Anyone have an Eastwood 175 MIG welder with spoolgun for aluminum

    I need to do several jobs that require a good bit of aluminum welding and since my older Lincoln MIG won't take a spool gun I was going to trade it in for a newer model. I happened to see an ad for the Eastwood 175 MIG that came with a spoolgun at a price that was lower than what the difference...
  13. yalipito

    TAV2 aluminum cover and custom handlebars FS

    For sale diamond plate tav2 cover and a custom made set of handlebars $25 ea plus shipping from 30214. PM for pics. Can't upload from photobucket. Thanks
  14. old shed finds

    Early 3 hp Aluminum Flywheel,,

    Hey guys, any of us play with the 2 - 3 Hp aliminum flywheel more less question of advantage or disavantage for the cast iron or this aluminum? We are building a 3HP for a mini bike as we speak and I have this question?This early Flywheel is early 50s with 4 leg coil,,Zippy with this lighter...
  15. I

    vintage aluminum clutch guard for briggs wanted....

    Im looking for a vintage aluminum clutch guard in good condition. For. A briggs engine for build the round one that. Looks like a gem or sgh clutch guard thanks everyone....
  16. markus

    Cast aluminum chain/clutch guard

    Cool cast smaller chainguard. is for the standard bolt pattern on Briggs and Tecumseh and I guess most other engines like the hondas and clones that have the 4 mount holes in the sidecover. Bolt holes are inset a little too for close mounting if needed. $25 shipped
  17. M

    Cast aluminum ski

    Purchased recently at a garage sale. When and what was it made for?
  18. H

    In search of a 4 inch aluminum Manco wheel

    Looking for a 4 inch aluminum manco go kart wheel or wheel half. Its the last piece needed in my daughter's red fox project kart, thanks.
  19. C

    Aluminum cover for TAV

    Just wondering if anyone makes a aluminum cover to replace plasic TAV cover?
  20. Not so mini bike

    Aluminum flywheel

    Tecumseh H25 aluminum flywheel. Part number 31332 Good shape. $30 shipped