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    Arctic Cat Climber HS40 decal

    Did the 71 Climber HS40 have a blower housing decal ?
  2. 1972 Prowler

    1972 Prowler

  3. T

    Anyone holding an Arctic Cat gas cap / gauge?

    Finishing up a 72 Prowler and need one. Yes, I know they are expensive and incredibly hard to find. That said, I've put a ton of work into the rest of the bike and I'd hate to have the wrong plain metal cap. Please PM me if you have on in good condition you are willing to part with.
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    Arctic Cat Minibike Ram Rod 98cc Kawasaki Motor Vintage Mini Bike

    Arctic Cat Minibike Ram Rod 98cc Kawasaki Motor Vintage Mini Bike On Ebay
  6. CandyBandit

    Mini bike collection 10 bikes

    Hello everybody! My wisdom teeth have been coming in and crushing my molars. Just went to the dentist the other day and it's going to cost a lot of money. I'm 30, I can collect more bikes, but my teeth need to be dealt with now. I'm negotiable on my prices. Thanks for looking...
  7. V

    Arctic Cat Screamer on eBay 170304

    March 4th, 2017 Vintage 1971 Arctic Cat Screamer mini bike chrysler two stroke 8hp | eBay Ad headline says 1971. Body of ad says 1972. 1971 Arctic Cat Screamer mini bike Chrysler two stroke 8hp This is a 1972 Arctic Cat Screamer mini bike. This is a the performance Cat offering for 1971...
  8. Chain Linkin

    Arctic Cat Confirmation

    Hey everyone! I have been all over the interwebs and the closest I could find to this bike is the Arctic Cat Ram Rod. However, the ID tag on mine is gone so I can't confirm or deny that. So that brings me here for some experience. It has aftermarket rims but I believe the number plate up...
  9. C

    Artic Cat Ramrod project

    A good friend just pulled out an old Arctic Cat ramrod mini bike hoping to get it running for his kids. He asked my son to get it running for him. It seems to be low on compression. Looking for a service manual, parts info, and specs for this old bike. Does anyone have copies of this stuff...
  10. D

    1971 Arctic Cat Arcitc Whisker

    I've had this thing for over 20 years and first time i rode it was last fall. It does run and drive(2 speed automatic does work). It does need a recoil so i use my power drill to start. The bike is mostly complete, i even have the original tires for it. smooth running bike. I'm not really sure...
  11. jellis

    Arctic Cat Ram Rod Forks Disassembly

    I was wondering if somebody could tell me how to remove the front suspension forks from the frame. ?? I know alot of people like pictures, so here is the bike. Its almost tore down.
  12. t-royMN

    Actic Cat Climber

    I have a 71 or 72 Climber. It is the frame; front forks and handlebars; front tire; swing arm and shocks. Previous owner welded nuts on the swing arm to hold a rear whell axle. They can easily be removed. That owner also welded the jack shaft straps. They too can be removed. The jack shaft...
  13. ArcticMinibike

    Painting Tanks and Fenders - Need Advice

    I have a number of Arctic Cats, 2 of which need paint on the tanks. The '72 Prowler needs the fenders done as well. All 4 pieces will be restored to the original metallic Navel Orange color. I've gone back and forth on doing it myself and paying to have it done. I've done plenty of lacquer and...
  14. ArcticMinibike

    Arctic Cat Coleman Fox Exhaust - Buyer Beware

    I just picked up a complete NOS exhaust from eBay for my Arctic Cat with 50cc Sachs engine. There have been a few of them listed in the last week. Price goes up with each one. Now they're up to $99. I'm not saying the seller was trying to pull a fast one but what I can say is that the quality of...
  15. ArcticMinibike

    Arctic Cat Kill Switch

    Anyone have a picture of a kill switch for a '71 Arctic Cat Prowler (small wheels) or better yet, a source? I talked to Bob at RT21 in NY and he thought it was a triangular unit but hasn't had any in stock for years. The '72 Prowler had a red button integrated into the chrome twist grip...
  16. ArcticMinibike

    Sachs Saxonette 47cc Engine Noise

    I have just rebuilt the Sachs 47cc engine on my 1972 Arctic Cat Prowler and I need some expert ears to give me some feedback. I went through every square inch and replaced the crank, bearings, seals and installed new clutch disks for first and second gear. I was careful to check the...
  17. cbmcln

    AC Screamer Starter cup needed!

    I have a 71 Screamer that needs a starter cup. That's all it needs to run before I sell it.

    For Sale 3 Arctic Cat mini bikes

    Hi guys I am looking to move my 2 1972 Ramrods and 1 1972 Prowler. Both the Ramrods run. The Prowler is missing the carb and recoil, but the engine is loose. All three bikes need restoration, but are mostly complete. I have more pictures available. Looking for a package deal of $1,400.00.

    I finally got a Climber

    I scored this 1971 Arctic Cat Climber last night from a good friend. It purrs like a kitten(:hammer:)... I am pumped to go tear around a little bit.
  20. ArcticMinibike

    Sachs 50/AMAX 47cc Parts and Exploded Views PDF

    I'm rebuilding a Sachs 50 / AMAX 47cc Saxonette engine for my 1971 and 1972 Arctic Cat Prowlers and put this document together to help me out. I captured images from the Sachs 50 / AMAX Parts Manual that was posted on Vintage Snow. I zoomed in on the drawings so I have a good shop guide while...