arctic cat

  1. ArcticMinibike

    Sachs Recoil Spring Wanted

    We all know the recoils of the Sachs 47cc Arctic Cat / Coleman / Fox engines are like gold. All I need is a spring. Anyone have a source? Has anyone ever found something similar that will work? It's got a crazy hair pin bend on the end. Thanks!
  2. jellis

    Unknown Arctic cat? Homeade?

    I got these parts from an old arctic cat dealer ship and do not know what they belong to. The seat with shocks look homeade. But the fender?? HELP!!!
  3. ArcticMinibike

    Arctic Cat Prowler Sachs 50 Loses Power When Warm

    I have a Prowler with a 47CC Sachs AMAX 2 cycle engine. I am in the process of restoring but the last time it ran many years ago, it would lose power once it warmed up. Anyone have any suggestions? A small engine tech suggested that the muffler might be plugged but if so, it is only...
  4. ArcticMinibike

    New Member From Omaha

    Hi, New Member Here… I sure am glad I found this site. I have a ’72 Arctic Cat Prowler. I’ve owned it since around 1980 when I was 13. That year was manufactured in Omaha, NE, where I'm from. Thank goodnes my dad kept it in the garage for the last 28+ years. Back then I did all sorts of...
  5. jellis

    1971 arctic cat climber

  6. jellis

    Arctic Cat Expert Needed.

    I have an Arctic Cat climber , on the back of the seat where it says ARCTIC CAT, mine only reads ARCTIC??? :shrug:
  7. jellis

    Wanted- Arctic Cat Screamer

    Looking for an Arctic Cat Screamer to restore. Any condition. Email me - Thanks :scooter:
  8. 9

    school project please help

    hay im doing a power point project for school and would like help with some of these brands of mini bikes arctic cat, bird, bonanza, caper cycle, cat, coleman, el burro, Fat-tire, fox, heath kit, lil indian, powell, rupp, superbronc, taco, terra cat, totegote, trail master, trail ram, and retek...
  9. jellis

    Arctic Cat Tank

    I am looking for a good Arctic Cat gas tank, no dents and not rusted out. Thanks!!:scooter::thumbsup:
  10. jellis

    Arctic Cat HS40

    I am in need of the Tecumseh for my Arctic Cat climber, HS40. Thanks
  11. jellis

    HS 40 Lighting Coil swap?

    Is it possible to take a HS 40 , say from a snowblower. And swap coil and flywheel? Is the flywheel readily available? Are these the only things needed for the swap. Thanks mini bike experts. :bowdown:
  12. jellis

    Arctic Cat Questions

    I am looking for some info on a Arctic Cat Climber. Wondering which tecumseh motor they came with originally. Also how availible parts are. I need a gas tank and exhaust. If any body can give me a little more information on them. I know is helpful also. Thanks!

    Wanted Tillotson HL189A carb

    Hey guys I am in need of a Tillotson HL189A carb. Its for my Chrysler 820 in my Screamer. Can anyone help me out? Thanks Gren

    I made an Arctic Cat mini bike owners group

    Hey guys I made an Arctic Cat mini bikes owners group for us. Feel free to join, maybe we can get a good group together to help each other out. Thanks guys Gren
  15. K

    Arctic Cat Ramrod front forks

    I have a arctic cat ramrod and I need the front forks. anyone know where I could find them?
  16. chatten63

    Arctic cat gas cap/gauge

    Looking for a arctic cat gas cap/gauge for arctic cat climber tank.A n.o.s. one would be preferred,must be in great shape,like new.This will finish the restoration project. Any help with names would be a help also. Thanks
  17. M

    WTB whole or corpse BING 1/12/1670 arctic cat sachs carb

    Not just on 'cats ... it is a hooded ssb style Bing like 1/12/1670 or 1/12/325 or other similar 12mm two stroke atomizer wide rectangular bodied Bings with a hood shaped cowling and wire harness clip that came on several saxonette-based mini's including Arctic Cat, Coleman, Fox, others, also on...
  18. C

    Wanted Arctic Cat Climber rear wheel and star piece

    Broke the rear rim and star on my 72 Arctic Cat Climber and looking for a replacement. Let me know what you have. Need parts ASAP!!! Thanks
  19. 7kevin

    accessories from Arctic cats

    Does anyone know of any saddlebags or seat racks for arctic cats? Or any pics of fabbed storage racks or gun racks or any cool stuff for arctic cats. :grind:
  20. A

    Need Artic Cat Gas Tank

    Hi, I need a gas tank for my AC Climber. The one I have is rusted through and won't even hold fumes! Thanks