1. relicracing

    Please help ID this 'ol beauty.

    Found this today, cool huh? Any idea what it is? The frame is screwed together with brackets at the unions and it has a fiberglass body. Some poorly done repairs to the front end and some more required all over. Pictures and what powered it, originally would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. B

    Black Beauty Electric Mini-Bike Project

    Test test test.
  3. JohnnyTillotson

    Stellar Black Beauty 3

    Picked up my 3rd Stellar Black Beauty two weeks ago in the Pocono's. Pretty good shape. Shocks working ( for a change) but only one front wheel. Really bad paint job. Small weld at the fork tube. Done nicely though. No biggie. This one is my first with a fork plate And a...
  4. B

    Wanted: Stellar Black Beauty decals

    Stellar Black Beauty decals for the fork plate. Also need original seat. Anyone have any photos of a Black Beauty that I can use for reference? Looking for clean photo of fork plate logo. And seat reference would be great! Thank you all.
  5. JohnnyTillotson

    Stellar Black Beauty

    I picked up 3rd Black Beauty yesterday and I had thought the seller was mistaken when he said there was a LIMTCO wheel on it . Having returned home I wiped it down a bit and sure enough it says it right on there. Has anyone ever seen LIMTCO wheel like this before? I honestly didn't care because...
  6. B

    WANTED: Stellar Black Beauty parts. Rims, Fenders decal

    WANTED: Stellar Black Beauty parts. Rims, Fenders, rear sprocket, caliper and neck decal. Please forward any help or info. Greatly appreciated!!
  7. JohnnyTillotson

    Stellar Black Beauty in NY

    Ok which one of you mugs is selling this? Cuz I haz questions for you.. Like how you get the gas tank like that? Looks like the bracket is mounted on the seat mount. Genius! I just don't think a tank fits between the bars like that on either my BB's... Stellar Black Beauty
  8. Frank Davis

    1971 BSA B50 mx engine found, a beauty!

    Here is a couple of photos of my newest purchase.....This is a 1971 BSA mx 500cc single....we used to call these "thumpers"....Only this engine is special, it was built and raced by the motor builder "wizard" John A. Miller....John raced motorcycles in the 50's and graduated to building Grand...
  9. JohnnyTillotson

    Apparently I do not have two Stellar Black Beauties

    Get a load of that. So now that I have it all back together with the wheels on and next to the real black beauty, its plainly obvious that this bike is not a Black Beauty. But then what is it? Was it Markus who posted that picture of the Stellar "jet" bike? That was very close to a Black...
  10. JohnnyTillotson

    Stellar Black Beauty 2

    I was originally going to sell this Black Beauty frame but parts have dripped in so I think I'll go for it. As it was bought:
  11. H


    Looking for a front wheel for a stellar black beauty thanks Eddie
  12. JohnnyTillotson

    Stellar Black Beauty #2

    Picked me up this here Stellar Black Beauty today. At least no rusted shut wheels on this one. Haha
  13. FinMan

    New user from Finland

    Hello to all minibikers and greetings from Finland! I'm totally new user in here. Just got beautiful minibike-project and trying to get more information about this bike. So, does anybody know anything about hardtail Benelli Mini from 1971? I think it has made only in that year? I'm looking...
  14. JohnnyTillotson

    Stellar Black Beauty parts needed

    Need front fender, kick stand, seat and a foot peg for my new Stellar Black Beauty. I don't think this model had a frame mounted gas tank did it? Also does anyone know the engine options that would have been on this one?
  15. JohnnyTillotson

    Stellar Black Beauty/ Toyoco update

    Picked this up yesterday. I stared at it all night in my garage cooing at it. Friggin love it. I FRIGGIN LOVE IT!!! Also, as an added bonus to my weekend, the Honda Z50 handle bars were delivered and they do indeed fit the Toyoco I had picked up the week before. So thanks guys who...
  16. james c

    heres a beauty

    Mini Bike
  17. Spyderdregg

    Here's a real Beauty

    Dig those fenders :laugh: Mini bike
  18. trailhopper

    Classic Beauty

    Nothing else to say. Mini Bike | eBay
  19. oldfatguy

    check out this beauty

    Briggs and Stratton Vintage Engine N O s 1968 | eBay it seems almost too good to be true.
  20. F

    Beauty and the beast

    Not sure which is which :)