1. B

    Sunday May 21st L.I. Mini bike show and swap meet.

    L.I. Mini Bike Show and Swap Meet next show is set for Sunday May 21st from 9a.m. to 3p.m. BUY - SELL - SWAP - SHOW Vintage mini bikes, go karts, trikes and parts for sale and swap. Sorry No dirt bikes, quads or ATVs permitted. Same person banned from last months show has a lifetime Ban...
  2. My minibike frame

    My minibike frame

    my minibike mini bike cat
  3. My Cat

    My Cat

    my minibike mini bike cat
  4. My Cat

    My Cat

    my minibike mini bike cat
  5. mtd seat

    mtd seat

    Restored mtd seat
  6. J

    Rupp Mini Bike w/HS50 Engine $400

    This is the same Mini Bike that I posted about a week ago for $500. . .just couldn't figure out a way to change the title of the post to include the new lower price! I'm going to be driving from New York to Houston, then to Austin, TX most likely going through Nashville on the way between May...
  7. K

    Cat mini bike parts.

    2 piece rims with mags, de-rusted. $30 each. Kickstand, $22. Seat, $45. Frame, de-rusted & primed $50.
  8. Old_iron

    Yard Marvel Mountaineer Trail Style Bike

    I have mostly finished refurbishing this and have just realized I don't have the space. Here are the details: Original gear system (as far as I can tell) (ball knob is on the shifter lever, just not shown in pics) Comet clutch (copy) Custom seats Original tires Briggs (6hp?) I still...
  9. E

    Coleman Mini Bike Build

    Hello, I just got into the world of mini bikes and I just started the modding process on my little beast. I have a few small things done to it, but I want to use it as a test platform for engine work and continue to ride the crap out of it....I could use some input here soon on matching a cam...
  10. red baron

    maine/NH mini bike event in or near Sandford maine

    Hi All, I am considering putting an event together but I need to know a few things first. who is interested in coming? what type of event would you like? when should it happen? There are many types of terrain possible and a few possible tracks if racing is desired. Here are some of the...
  11. R

    Mystery mini bike on Craigslist

    Can anyone indentify this mini bike is it worth the $50 Thanks Kelly
  12. J

    RUPP Mini Bike w/HS50 Engine for SALE

    I've had this Rupp mini bike for almost 20 years. . had fun riding it here and there, moving, need to downsize. Not sure of the model. Tecumseh engine HS50-67204D. Serial 2098. Wheels are 12" w/Rupp tires. Ran fine before winter, didn't start in spring, removed carb for cleaning and haven't...
  13. red baron

    Hypothetical bike

    I i had a vintage full suspension frame and wheels that isn't rare or particularly desirable and was to build it using non vintage parts like predator motor etc... would it be realistically worth $700 in the end?
  14. J

    Old Mini Bike Quest. - Avanti Garelli X-Bike (Mini Dirt Bike)

    Good evening all, First time on this forum and hoping you fine folks can help me out! So I was recently driving around with the girlfriend and saw a gentleman with a mini bike in his front lawn for sale. The bike is an Avanti X-Bike (I'm not quiet sure, I have only found 5 pictures online...
  15. Raskin

    nested mini bike
  16. B

    This Sunday April 23rd. L.I. Mini bike show and swap meet. Farmingdale NY

    THIS SUNDAY!! April 23rd L.I. Mini bike show and swap meet.[/B][/B] 9a.m. to 3p.m. BUY - SELL - SWAP - Hang Out Buy and Sell Vintage mini bikes, go kart, trikes and parts. Come and see some really awesome Local mini bikes and a few from the West Coast. OldMiniBikes's Master builder Dan E Boy's...
  17. bowhunt4life

    Wanted: Gilson/Wards Trail Bike

    Hello, I am looking to buy a Gilson/Wards complete trail bike. Has the 10" spoke rims. Please message me if you have one to part with.
  18. D

    Hello new to the mini bike scene lol

    Hello my name is Jason I recently got a trashed Manco thunderbird with 4hp robin subaru that i promptly swapped olut to a predator 212 welded a mongoose fork made some ape hangers and custom seat and straight pipe and am looking forward to summer cruising provided I can get it to start again
  19. Montini

    Help with roper mini bike.

    I need help with the model of tecumseh engine that will fit this bike. The guy I bought it from included a sears roto spader with a 6hp tecumseh engine. The engine has a 1 inch crank, I was going to turn the crank down to 3/4" but found out when I mocked the engine up that there is no way the...
  20. A

    mini bike identification?

    hey guys, anyone have any information about this mini bike? the briggs & Stratton engine model number is 80102 0141 02 6611043 and it has a sticker on the motor stating built for amf. it's a runner.