1. topnotch

    Bonanza 60 tooth sprocket

    I'm looking for a Bonanza 60 tooth sprocket with a #35 chain 3/8" pitch.
  2. smwtnbndr

    Bonanza MX Resto-MOD

    Well we found this one on offer up. Luckily I caught it just after it posted. Got it very reasonable. The bike had some of the usual garbage welded on it and some extra slots in the motor plate. Got those all cleaned up and off to powder. Decided I was not going original color, wanting to...
  3. OND

    ** Happy Birthday Bonanza Bryan **

    :happybday: Hope you have a great day ! :happybday:
  4. R

    Restored 1969 Bonanza Sport 50 mini bike

    Same seller as the Hodaka E code Engine Restored 1969 Bonanza Sport 50 Mini Bike | eBay
  5. R

    HODAKA E motor engine AHRMA Bonanza vintage mini bik

    Beautiful rebuilt Hodaka E Code. Lots of money but there not getting any cheaper Hodaka E Motor Engine Ahrma Bonanza Vintage Mini Bike | eBay
  6. K

    Rusty, Crusty Bonanza

    Just got it home. Have not had time to mess with it . It does appear to be an original Hodaka bike. I stood it up on the back wheel could not see any evidence of another engine being mounted . But I did find that the exhaust was full of walnut shells:scared:. Has a couple of previous owner add...
  7. RideSF

    Bonanza brake clevis

    Does any one have a pic of the correct pieces to hook up brake cable to bendix brake how they originally did it and where to get the parts. Thanks
  8. RideSF

    WTB Bonanza original fiberglass tank

    Looking for original gas tank for bonanza thanks OMB
  9. slywilliez

    WTB: reproduction Bonanza 67 68 badge

    I am looking for a really nice reproduction of the bonanza 67/ 68 badge. They are only 2" instead of the never 2.25" badge. Let me know if you have something. Thanks
  10. Taco Loco Joe

    Bonanza BC1500SH Shock Springs

    Have any Bonanza BC1500SH enthusiasts out there replaced the inner and outer springs on the rear shocks. One of my shocks was frozen. After soaking in Evaporust and a little heat the shock came apart. Unfortunately the inner spring was rusted, busted and now I'm disgusted!:cursing: I'm sure...
  11. Ajf

    bonanza tank

    Take a good look at this tank. Anyone notice anything? Bonanza Mini Bike Minibike Fiberglass Gas Tank | eBay
  12. myjunk

    Is the old Bonanza worth going back to the junkyard to pick up?

    I probably should have grabbed it today at the junkyard, but didn't. What do you think, worth going back for??
  13. Midyrman

    Bonanza Head Light

    Looking for a working head light that came with the BC, MX and CS bikes. Thanks. Tom
  14. tippycanoenm

    Tank and bracket for bonanza

    Original bracket and cylinder tank (under seat) for bonanza...tank has quarter size ding on for pics please. 65.00 shipping included..
  15. topnotch

    Bonanza 1" throttle grip

    I'm looking to buy a used or Nos Bonanaza 1" throttle grip. The brand is a (DARE) these were originally made in England.
  16. V

    Bonanza questions

    Just picked up a bonanza to restore what type of handle grips are supposed to be on it and can you get the year from the serial number. The foot pegs also need to be cut off. engines already off it too. is it supposed to have kidney beans or go powers.
  17. topnotch

    WTB: Bonanza chopper kick stand

    Looking for a Bonanza chopper kick stand.
  18. gammatg

    Bonanza BC1300 CL score. Thanks to Owen!

    I was checking out local craigslist adds on lunch break on Friday. I saw this and called and text the guy. No response. In the mean time I called Owen to see if he would be able to get it for me if I heard back from him. He said no problem. A few minutes later, my phone rang and it was the...
  19. B

    Bonanza Jack Shaft

    Any body running a Jack shaft on their Bonanza MC 250 Scout. Got pictures?
  20. Taco Loco Joe

    Bonanza Score!

    I was dropping my Hodaka engine off today up in Vacaville Ca. So I figure I'll check the local Craig's list. I found this Bonanza up in Chico, Home of Sierra Nevada Brewery. $65 smackers with freshly blasted Go Powers and New Tires and tubes. He threw in the Briggs 2 horse for free. Today was a...