1. S

    Wanted: Bonanza Chopper Round Gas Tank

    Looking for a round gas tank for a Bonanza Chopper(original or copy). Any infomation appreciated. Thanks
  2. Midyrman

    Bonanza BC Swing Arm

    Looking for a nice swing arm for a BC1200. Prefer one that does not require any repairs, straightening etc. Thanks. Tom
  3. S

    Looking for Bonanza Chopper Sissy Bar Lower Leg and Spring

    Only need left side but would buy both. Thanks
  4. Bonanza MX seat

    Bonanza MX seat

    Bonanza mx seats
  5. cheezy1

    Wanted..Bonanza clutch cover

    Wanted..Bonanza clutch cover. It can be fiberglass..metal...painted....basically finish doesn't matter. But I don't want one that was run over by your drunk uncle a few times. Thanks Pic for example..not my bike.
  6. cheezy1

    Bonanza rear wheel assembly

    Bonanza rear wheel assembly. The is something you don't have and need. The bad...tire is flat and starting to dry rot and sprocket is starting to shark tooth. But the brake is there and and rim is in good condition. I will not remove the tire...I am lazy and just never had luck with...
  7. brown boonie

    Bonanza rear fender bracket

    Just like it says, I need a rear fender bracket. Pm me with info. Thanks.
  8. P

    Bonanza frames

    I have 3 different bonanza frames, all 3 are nice with no damage 100 each plus shipping 1 has front peggs, 1 has mid peggs i can blast free
  9. C

    Bonanza chopper frame

    Can anyone please provide me with the distance between the rear axle plates on a bonanza scout chopper frame. I bought a frame that didn't have the motor plate and obviously the frame sprang wider without the motor plate to support it. I am trying to fab a motor plate and need to correctly...
  10. topnotch

    Bonanza 60 tooth sprocket

    I'm looking for a Bonanza 60 tooth sprocket with a #35 chain 3/8" pitch.
  11. topnotch

    Bonanza 60 tooth sprocket

    I'm looking for a Bonanza 60 tooth sprocket with a #35 chain 3/8" pitch.
  12. smwtnbndr

    Bonanza MX Resto-MOD

    Well we found this one on offer up. Luckily I caught it just after it posted. Got it very reasonable. The bike had some of the usual garbage welded on it and some extra slots in the motor plate. Got those all cleaned up and off to powder. Decided I was not going original color, wanting to...
  13. OND

    ** Happy Birthday Bonanza Bryan **

    :happybday: Hope you have a great day ! :happybday:
  14. R

    Restored 1969 Bonanza Sport 50 mini bike

    Same seller as the Hodaka E code Engine Restored 1969 Bonanza Sport 50 Mini Bike | eBay
  15. R

    HODAKA E motor engine AHRMA Bonanza vintage mini bik

    Beautiful rebuilt Hodaka E Code. Lots of money but there not getting any cheaper Hodaka E Motor Engine Ahrma Bonanza Vintage Mini Bike | eBay
  16. K

    Rusty, Crusty Bonanza

    Just got it home. Have not had time to mess with it . It does appear to be an original Hodaka bike. I stood it up on the back wheel could not see any evidence of another engine being mounted . But I did find that the exhaust was full of walnut shells:scared:. Has a couple of previous owner add...
  17. RideSF

    Bonanza brake clevis

    Does any one have a pic of the correct pieces to hook up brake cable to bendix brake how they originally did it and where to get the parts. Thanks
  18. RideSF

    WTB Bonanza original fiberglass tank

    Looking for original gas tank for bonanza thanks OldMiniBikes
  19. slywilliez

    WTB: reproduction Bonanza 67 68 badge

    I am looking for a really nice reproduction of the bonanza 67/ 68 badge. They are only 2" instead of the never 2.25" badge. Let me know if you have something. Thanks
  20. Taco Loco Joe

    Bonanza BC1500SH Shock Springs

    Have any Bonanza BC1500SH enthusiasts out there replaced the inner and outer springs on the rear shocks. One of my shocks was frozen. After soaking in Evaporust and a little heat the shock came apart. Unfortunately the inner spring was rusted, busted and now I'm disgusted!:cursing: I'm sure...