1. Not so mini bike

    Bonanza spinner wheel with sprocket and brake

    8" spinner in good shape. No cracks and the threads are good. 72t sprocket to fit with 5" brake. $75 shipped
  2. Taco Loco Joe

    Bonanza Chopper find

    Picked up this roller yesterday. Drove 115 miles to pick it up after the Owner texted me saying that the first caller flaked on him. He even knocked off $75 since I was driving so far! This Bonanza is on my very short list of Mini Bikes I've wanted since I was a kid in the 60's.
  3. Sixpac440

    Replacing the worn teeth on a Bonanza 60t Go-Power ... Pic Heavy

    beekeeper got the Bonanza he always wanted thanks to jeep4me!! The sprocket was worn down to the nub. He bought a flat 60t off OldMiniBikes ... Both the old and new sprockets went on the CNC Wayne the CNC guy named the program .. Made a jig to hold it while I stitched the back I only MIG...
  4. Sixpac440

    How I remove fork buttons, springs and lowers from a Bonanza .. 1 pic

    Soak for a couple days with PB Blaster or what ever ... Get a few 5/8 x 1" or so dowels ... put them in the grip end and pound! :thumbsup:
  5. Toms Bonanza

    Toms Bonanza

  6. Toms Bonanza

    Toms Bonanza

  7. Toms Bonanza

    Toms Bonanza

  8. Toms Bonanza

    Toms Bonanza

  9. Toms Bonanza

    Toms Bonanza

  10. Toms Bonanza

    Toms Bonanza

  11. Toms Bonanza

    Toms Bonanza

  12. Toms Bonanza

    Toms Bonanza

  13. Toms Bonanza

    Toms Bonanza

  14. Toms Bonanza

    Toms Bonanza

  15. Toms Bonanza

    Toms Bonanza

  16. Toms Bonanza Sprocket

    Toms Bonanza Sprocket

  17. Phil1958

    WTB: Bonanza MX Handlebars

    Looking for a set of 7/8" Bonanza MX handlebars and clamps. pm me if you want to sell. thanks, phil
  18. Phil1958

    Bonanza MX with clone and TAV2-30

    i rested the clone and tav assembly on the MX frame. doesn't look like a fit. the engine is all the way forward and the driven pulley will interfere with the jackshaft. i can't clock the tav"counter-clockwise" any more as it hits the cooling fins. the engine also needs to be spaced up to...
  19. T

    can you fit a preditor motor with torque converter in a bonanza bc1200

    can you fit a preditor motor with torque converter in a bonanza bc1200 frame with jackshaft?:confused:
  20. T

    Bonanza Axles

    Looking for front and rear axles for a BC1200...................Tom.