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  1. Valveliftdiagram.jpg


    GX160 camshaft VS Chinese aftermarket camshaft
  2. D

    Homemade cams?

    Home ground cams i recently built one myself and it worked but its not pretty anyone else try this with some results
  3. Latent

    NR-Racing 285 0607p camshaft - for predator non-hemi

    NR-Racing 285 0607p camshaft - for predator non-hemi, new never used, you need to clear the block for this camshaft I believe... going to build a big block instead.. 60$ shipped... its 80$ + shipping on Nr-website.. will need stronger valve springs 26lb+ springs for this camshaft, great...
  4. Sprocket86

    HS50 Camshaft help.

    I eliminated the compression release "bump" on the intake cam lob on my 1976 Tec HS50. I like the added compression but man it's a bear to turn over and I'm afraid of breaking the pull starter while I'm out on a ride, away from the house. My question is, are the factory Tec camshafts for the...
  5. MiniDan99

    Camshaft lobe orientation

    Anyone know the cam lobe orientation in degrees from the dot on a 5hp Briggs engine. Modeling one up in CAD
  6. xBrent92

    Ignition Timing Advanve make Big difference? Upgraded Camshaft.

    Question #1 If one bought an upgraded camshaft that gives good power at 24degrees ignition timing would they get even MORE power by advancing the timing 6degrees to the cam recommendation of 32degrees ? It gives real good power is it stands. But more torque/power is always appreciated if the...

    tecumseh camshaft

    hi everybody, has any one ever used a dyno cam 245 in a hs40? i just put one in and now the motor runs like crap. am i missing something here? do i need to advance the timing or something else? it has no low end, or power. Help.
  8. xBrent92

    Best accelerating camshaft? (high rpm,high torque)

    Just wondering if their were any good opinions if one wanted to go fast and go fast quickly with out giving any further details. EDIT: just to clarify..i am ONLY asking about the camshaft. i was going to get the Black Mamba but everywhere is out of stock so i bought the .275 cam.
  9. markus

    "LS10" camshaft 5hp briggs

    Does LS10 ring a bell with anyone for a modified camshaft? Briggs 5hp. Thats the only thing stamped on the gear.
  10. CJdoodlebug90

    Preadator hemi or non hemi???

    im getting a dyno can and 18lbs springs for my 212cc but it says that the cam is only for no hemi blocks. Is there any other way to id a hemi from a non hemi other that valve cover? I heard something about non hemi has black carb studs
  11. B

    Stock Briggs Animal Camshaft

    Anyone looking to upgrade their Briggs Intek camshaft from plastic ones to a stock Briggs Animal checkout ebay item 141501052621. Just $8.99 plus $6.80 S/H. Good deal I got 4 already.
  12. yalipito

    Briggs 305 camshaft (where to buy)

    Where can I find a performance camshaft for a briggs 305? Thanks
  13. Norcalputput

    Clone camshaft install

    Been looking around and a lot of questions involving camshaft installation so why not make a thread Step 1 Remove your engine and set it in a clear area Step 2 Remove spark plug Step 3 Remove engine oil drain plug Step 4 Remove the fan shroud and starter Step 5 Remove your valve cover...
  14. G

    WTB Stock doodlebug camshaft

    I would like to buy a camshaft from a stock doodlebug engine. Doesnt matter if its used, just needs to be in good condition. Please post pics and let me know what you want for it. Shipping is to 17042. Thanks.
  15. Hreagle

    Tecumseh HS-50 Camshaft needed (or Sno-King 5.5)

    This is actually needed for a snow king 5.5 hp engine but the part number is the same. I need a cam in good condition to have reground. I ordered a new one and discovered it's been replaced with a friggin Plastic cam! Anyone have a used one they'd part with? Thanks! Eagle
  16. B

    Looking for Camshaft info

    I'm new around here but I've been reading this forum for a couple weeks and have found that there is a lot of knowledgeable users. I'm hoping I can find one that has some info on this for me. I'm working on a vertical 500 series Briggs right now. I'm looking to build it up and Ive been stumped...
  17. M

    Briggs raptor camshaft rubbing?

    I just put in a precision cams .365 lift cam in my motor and I notice a slight rubbing on the intake stroke. It's not hitting the crankshaft or rod, I think it's rubbing against the block. How do I fix this? The engine still runs with it rubbing and doesn't make any noise. I also notice that the...
  18. Predator212Laxer

    Carb for Predator 212

    I have a predator 212, it has a lot of mods: RLV header K&N air filter Jetted Carb (stock carb) CL1i Cam Milled GX160 head & ported Big :censure: valves Fuel pump no gov 26 pound springs I know, I know I don't have the billet flywheel or rod, I'm in school and will get them soon! What is the...
  19. B

    Clone Cam Dilemma

    new to the site and would appreciate any advice i can get. Having trouble choosing a new cam. Engine is powering a modified baja heat. Not track ridden or raced, just an around town and country bike. looking for higher rpm without killing the low end. dont need a torque monster just descent...
  20. Hreagle

    Camshaft for Sale.

    I have a cam for sale, it's an Agkcam265M made for bigger than stock carbs in a GX200 or clone. .265" Lift and 236 duration. Use 18lb springs with this. It's in excellent shape with low hours. I paid $50.00 for it and will part with it for $25.00 plus shipping OBO. If interested, email me...