1. Mini-fever

    Carnage thread?

    There has got to be a carnage thread around here, no? You know the thread we all post pics of crap we broke and things that went boom. I'm new to this but I have some carnage already I'd like to post. No need for a new thread if one is out there. :thumbsup:
  2. cheezy1

    A Cheezy crash and carnage

    Ok..most people won't talk about it...but there was too many witnesses to deny it:laugh:. Sunday at the Thunderdrome I managed to crash for the second time in my life on a mini. I had a good streak going of 26years since last time. Anybody familiar with the dome knows about the huge sledding...

    It's TOTAL CARNAGE in Saltsburg Pa.

    No, it's just me....Dan :laugh: I have many hobbies, most with engines. The big one at this time is building antique motorized bikes. SO.....when my brother in law (in Bristol Tenn.) found two old mini bikes for $75 he got them for me! Just what I need, more stuff :doah: Well, as it happens...
  4. joekd

    Carnage from this morning's ride

    I knew the Yerf dog kart needed a new A-arm so it was on the things to do over winter list, today we went riding on some fire roads that had a ton of rocks, to say the least the A-arm didn't make it Here's the new Tricycle kart Warrior took some damage to, a whole $3 muffler...