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    homemade valve seat cutter
  2. U

    Cheap Roller Wanted: Sacramento

    Hi guys. I'm looking for a rolling minibike frame in Sacramento for a project. I have a Kohler engine laying around that I'd like to use, so I want something I won't feel bad about chopping up. Also, cheap is good. Message me with what you have!
  3. smudvapor

    Really cheap trike!!!

    Saw this and thought I would post it.
  4. Sixpac440

    Heald VT-8 in Hereford AZ ... might be able to get it cheap?

    The guy put it up for sale as a VT-5 .. I contacted him, told him I was a Heald fan and that it was a VT-8, not a 5. He promptly changed the title. Heald Bronc Vt-8 Super Bronc Trail Bronc Original Mini Bike | eBay Fast forward to today. He just contacted me and said: "Well if you want to...
  5. ole4

    New cheap carb Nibbi 26mm PWK copy

    I just can't resist these cheap flatslide copies. First I got the OKO copy then I saw this one a Nibbi which is similar but the other ones as well as the mikuni TM come in either 24 or 28mm. This one was a 26mm. Just got it late today so I have not taken it apart yet but it is very similar to...
  6. Stitch

    Cheap Speedometers

    I just bought two of these nice little units from Newfrog. It has autostart and KM/MPH settings. I've never had a problem with shipping or quality from them. I figured for the price, I couldn't lose. Well.... $20 at most...:shrug: US$9.93|AutoStart Wireless Bicycle Cycling Bike Computer...
  7. R

    EBAY LIL PETRO PROJECT (Cheap project)

    So far Cheap with a couple days to go Lil petro mini bike Little Petro ?Vintage Mini Bike Tanaka | eBay
  8. 125ccCrazy

    Seems someone is always looking for a 1" clutch... heres a cheap one

    Heavy Duty Go Kart Centrifugal Clutch 1" Bore 14T #40 41 Chain Predator Comet OY | eBay
  9. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Dirt Cheap Sausage Muffler Dress-up Kit

    Tired of looking at your 5hp sausage muffler? Does it distract from your otherwise beautiful mini? Here's a solution that can take many variations all for under $12. Ingredients needed: 1-sausage muffler 1- 2 1/4 x 2 1/8" auto exhaust reducer/adapter and 1- 2 1/8" auto chrome exhaust tip...
  10. L

    hydraulic brake lot sale - cheap

    50$ takes all shipping is included, - the promod front hydraulic brake kit is about the price of this, but sold my mini's don't need these extra parts 1x 36 inch hydraulic line with caliper - perfect condition - comes with promod front hydraulic brake mounting kit - fits all doodlebugs+ more...
  11. V

    Tip,Cheap bends for exhaust tubing.

    Harbor freight item 97145 motorcycle wheel chock cheap pipe to cut apart for custom exhausts.
  12. slywilliez

    Rupp rear wheel cheap

    Rupp rear wheel. 35 bucks plus shipping
  13. Jamie1972

    @@Minibike Parts for sale CHEAP PRICES@@

    Got stuff laying around I don't want anymore. So there for sale cheap.! General 4.10/3.50-6 tire w/ tube great condition no dryrot. 8.50 +shipping. A pair of Kenda sawtooth tires in great cond. 7.00+shipping. Silver spring shocks. 10.00+shipping Throttle control with motocross...
  14. J

    rupp on ebay cheap greenville PA 14 hrs left

    1974 Rupp Mini Bike Frame Handlebars Jackshaft Gas Tank | eBay someone snatch this up!
  15. OND

    Rupp for Cheap

    Anybody in the Louisville area you need to grab this one ! $75.00 1964 Rupp Mini Bike Frame
  16. M

    5/8 clutch on the cheap?

    looking throw together a beater, anyone have chain and a 5/8 they don't play on using the want to donate or sell cheap
  17. K

    cheap linux dedicated server

    I'm making a research regarding the top secured, cheap and reliable Linux Dedicated Servers and Web Hosting suppliers. So several friends recommended that VERDINA.NET , but I'd like to check out more options, so what is your opinion ?
  18. james ackerman

    Broncco mini bike. Cheap.
  19. O

    Picked this up cheap

    Does anyone know the make/model?
  20. pomfish

    Cheap universal Kickstands

    Just picked up 2 of these and they work well after being cut down about 2" Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Adjustable Kickstand Side Kick for Bike 16" 20" 24" 26" | eBay Can't beat it for $5.99 Now keep in mind, they will not support the weight of the rider against the stand, but hold the bike up just...