1. B

    Broke my crankshaft and trying to find the right replacement

    I have a non-hemi predator 212 and the crankshaft broke to the point where i can’t put my torque converter on. I’m trying to find a replacement part for it but all I can find specifically for predators are hemi cranks. I don’t know if those are compatible or not. I also found a tillotson...
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    Another new torque converter arrived.
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    4 new torque converters arrived.
  9. olddog

    What am I missing? Chinese Mike Bike Muffler

    I have to be missing something...... 05 CHINESE MANCO MINI BIKE EXHAUST MUFFLER | eBay
  10. Harquebus

    Chinese Pulsa-Jet Carburetor

    I picked up one these just yesterday but prior to, didn't find any reviews pro or con. Anyone tried one of these carbs? I would have preferred genuine OEM but figure a trial run with this knock off will probably be worth it. Came with 'free gaskets' and a strangle little rubber plug. It is...
  11. drstoez

    Chinese identification

    I know it's cheap Chinese crap, but I can't find any specs/tech info on my recently acquired "parts" bike. Has a prominent A on frame gusset and tail. 4 stroke, semi auto, hydraulic front brakes. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  12. Daniel Coop

    This ain't a Baja but it is Chinese...

    Another fun (and affordable) build, it's the DB's cousin, the Motovox MBX10. I never cared much about the look of these frames but after building my daughter's Build-Off Motovox MBX10 (nearly complete) and hoping up another for a buddy, I have really come to like them. They're similar to a DB...
  13. T

    Anyone tried these Chinese cheapo carbs?

    $25 for carb and air cleaner. Look at this on eBay 22mm Carburetor PZ22 Carb Air Filter For 110 125cc ATV Go Kart Pit Pro Dirt Bike | eBay
  14. Chain Linkin

    Chain Linkin's - DB Dirt Racer - (Chinese Class)

    Bought this bike late last spring and added just enough bolt-on parts to have it ready for our race season (Note the paint can lid number plates with the always classy zip-tie mounts). Now that our season is finally over it's almost time for a complete tear down and proper rebuild. I say almost...
  15. FOMOGO

    FOMOGO's - DB30 - (Chinese Class)

    This is just because I have all the parts or at least 98 percent of them. And I would like to get this thing together for a little fun. Plan is Suspension forks with modified offset. Hydraulic Disc brakes front and rear. Predator 212 Hemi. Bigger tires. Lower the fenders and maybe a Torque...
  16. FOMOGO

    FOMOGO's - Warrior - (Chinese Class)

    My Baja Warrior build. Warrior frame and forks. Honda Rebel tank. Mustang Springer seat. Predator 420 electric start. 40 series torque converter. Kenda tires. That's the plan so far... Subject to adjustment along the way... :shrug: Its all downhill from here.... Doug
  17. Sixpac440

    30 series Comet Driver vs Chinese .... 1 pic ...

    I have 2 identical Hilltoppers, I put new Chinese 30 series Tavs on both. They are street legal and get rode on the street at full speed, 35/40 mph. Mine was fine ... my wifes had some vibration. it was recomended that I get the comet TAV spray lube. After applying it the vibration...
  18. S

    chinese comet tav2

    hey everyone. i have a hemi pred on my baja mb200. i purchased a chinese tav2 torque a verter. but i cant get the engine anywhere near govener and cant seem to get any faster than 43mph. i know a tc will only spin so fast but the comet tav2 on the same bike with me on it breaks 55mph. how do i...
  19. Sixpac440

    Chinese 49cc Dirt Bike Review with Pictures

    We bought our almost 7 year old Granddaughter Rylee this Free Shipping Kids 49cc 2 Stroke Gas Motor Dirt Mini Pocket Bike Green H DB50X | eBay ... we paid $369.95 delivered, not the $1,369.95 that is now listed at. (Typo)? They are listed under several names with slight variations. DB49A...
  20. theredlineboss

    Chinese Pocket Bike

    Just picked up what seems to be a Chinese pocket-bike (or it used to be) & was curious if anyone could identify the brand. I looked for numbers or markings, but could not find anything useful. Thanks! -Rob