1. M

    installing a clutch on a keyless shaft

    Gents any tips on installing a clutch on a keyless shaft? Have a 3hp briggs from an edger but it does not have the key on the shaft.
  2. yalipito

    Clutch opinions ???

    Has anyone here used the "Hilliard Inferno Fury" clutch? I am looking for opinions on durability and locking ability. Thanks.
  3. M

    5/8 clutch on the cheap?

    looking throw together a beater, anyone have chain and a 5/8 they don't play on using the want to donate or sell cheap
  4. B

    Clutch for a 9/16 shaft?

    Im looking for a clutch for a 9/16 shaft. Anyone ever heard or now where I can get one?
  5. B

    Photo of Barris trike clutch cover.

    Hello, Hoping someone may have a photo of the clutch cover for a George Barris trike? Need it for reference, appreciate any help possible. Please use if you have photo. Thank you, Greg D Bayside NY
  6. A

    WTB Baja Doodle Bug clutch and chain covers DB305-102 and DB305-138

    I'm looking for chain/clutch cover for Baja boodle bug DB30S vin prefix LUAH. The part numbers are DB305-102 and DB305-138, color doesn't matter Thanks for any help, Jim
  7. jeep4me

    Heavy Duty Belt Clutch...NORAM

    I have a decent used North American belt clutch for sale. 3/4" bore, fits A or B size belts. Used on dirt compactors. That's what it was on when I got it. I never did test it before removing it from the engine, but everything looks like it's in good working order. Asking $65 plus shipping...
  8. M

    What size clutch brake do I need?

    Hi all, Looking for some info on what size clutch brake band to go with. I measured my clutch drum at 4.25" diameter and not sure how to size the band. Here is a pic of my 400x. Thanks.
  9. trailramdan

    Input needed on clutch/ chain gaurd

    We picked up a azusa bike with a 6.5 predator motor for my nephew. It needs a clutch cover or chain gaurd badly. What has others done on these bikes any links , pics or input? Thanks
  10. 1stBxMopar

    Cheeftah Clutch Cover

    Looking for a Cheeftah clutch cover like this one....
  11. Ajf

    Clutch cover on eBay

    I seen this clutch cover on eBay and I was wondering what it was for?
  12. Studeman68

    Original Super Bronc Clutch Cover...Nice condition....

    Check it out, wont last long!...... Heald Super Bronc Clutch Cover VT 8 Vintage Mini Bike VT 8 | eBay

    Lil Indian 2 SPEED Trans Original Driven Clutch model 600,6000

    Up for sale is a Rare used Lil Indian Original 13 Tooth Driven Clutch that go's on the jack shaft Teeth are in excellent not worn condition.This is a Fairbanks Morse Clutch and is next to impossible to find! Missing the 2 springs that hold the shoes in place.They were misplaced and at this point...
  14. trinik7597

    Cat rear wheels and clutch cover

    Two cat rear wheels with drum style sprocket's $35 each shipped and repoped clutch cover $45 shipped
  15. I

    Torque Converter Reverse Drive Clutch & Gear

    Built a drift trike but having issues with standard centrifugal clutches burning up. Decided to go with a TC but current frame design prohibits normal mounting. Is it possible to mount the driven gear on the outside of the jackshaft? If so, will the bearing be able to withstand the chain load...
  16. M

    rupp black widow primary clutch parts

    Looking for Rupp primary clutch part # 15105 this would be the stationary half of the primary clutch on a Rupp black widow.
  17. james ackerman

    How to tell comet clutch series apart.

    I can't find any number to reference on the clutch. How do you tell apart the different series of clutches that were made. I have a few I'm trying to figure out. Also what clutch setup was originally on the super bronc vt10?
  18. L

    New clutch

    Just got it in the mail today from OldMiniBikes warehouse! Sure is pretty. Max Torque
  19. derekbmn

    14 or 15 Tooth #35 pitch Vintage Clutch Wanted

    As the title says looking for a 14 or 15 Tooth #35 pitch Vintage Clutch. Preferrably NOS. Please PM me. Paypal preferred. Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
  20. D

    ? question on torque converter vs centrifugal clutch?

    I want to repair this clark cyclops. It had a jackshaft at one point with right side chain to wheel. Now it has direct chain on left side badly done. Gc160 is set to right. I would like to center the gc160 better and replace jackshaft. Thats complicated with torque converter, which is my...