1. clutch cover

    clutch cover

    clutch cover reinforcing
  2. clutch cover

    clutch cover

    clutch cover
  3. clutch cover

    clutch cover

    clutch cover bracket
  4. J

    1" clutch for 4 horse tecumseh

    I'm looking for a 1" clutch with a 35 chain that will work with a 4 horse tecumseh engine, does anybody have any information on where I maybe able to find one?
  5. Clutch


    Bike - Before pics
  6. Y

    Centrifigal clutch cover

    I am looking for ideas for a clutch cover to use on my Bird Engineering Wren mini- bike with a Briggs and Stratton engine. Ideas? Pics? thanks Jim
  7. S

    Tote Gote 404 clutch help

    I was able to get the new to me 404 up and running and checked out a couple of other posts about a new belt. I went with the 203790 belt and it seems to be correct. I saw in another post that it should not idle without wanting to creep so I think I have to put a little more tension on the belt...
  8. W

    What clutch do you recommend

    Want to put a new clutch on this home made rocket. What do you recommend. 3hp briggs.
  9. T

    predator 3 hp 79cc clutch quesstion

    hello all, i have bought a new 3 hp 79cc predator engine from harbor freight it says the pto shaft is 5/8 what size clutch do i need to order for it ?? i have a 5/8 one here but that doesnt fit
  10. S

    Best Clutch?

    I just returned from Colorado where I rode my Baja Dirt Bug daily around my property. Last week I upgraded my brakes to hydraulics, and was very happy with the results, they are a real improvement over the standard cable. A year or so ago, I upgraded the pleated air filter and header with...
  11. jayvansickle

    Time for chain and clutch

    I am building a Doodle Bug 6.5 Predator mini. What length #35 chain will I need? 12 tooth clutch recommendation? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. K

    Aircraft tires, dual disc brakes, belt clutch transmission; not a Cushman

    Hi! - Old Minibike members once helped me track down an old odd machine - turned out it was a plan/kit bike whose construction had me baffled. Some parts were very professional, while others were made with pliers and conduit. Thanks again for that one. This one, however, I present as a...
  13. Oldschoolcool

    What is the standard crankshaft bolt size for a clutch?

    Is 5/16-24 the standard bolt size on the crankshaft to retain a centrifugal clutch? Thanks!
  14. R

    MBX10 clutch cover removal

    This may seem like a stupid question, but I don't want to mess up the mbx10 (got for free) my 9 year old son is so proud of. I've removed the 2 bolts by the clutch, but can't figure out how to remove the screw near the rear wheel. I can feel the screw turning but can't get my fingers far enough...
  15. W

    Clutch Tooth Count

    I have two mini bikes and both have 60T rear sprockets. What tooth count clutch should i get? Engine 1: Predator 79cc Engine 2: Predator 99cc
  16. danford1

    What clutch is this?

    This clutch came on a minibike I got from a swap meet. It has two sprockets on it the same size. Is this for a two speed trans? What all can you tell me about it? Thanks in advance Danford1
  17. Ajf

    Speedway clutch cover

    Looking for a speedway clutch cover.
  18. drenchedgremlin

    what size band brake would be used for this size clutch?

    im getting sick of my azusa drum brake on my tote goat. It does not work for S#$t so i am going to install a clutch band brake instead. my clutch is apparently 4-1/16" in diameter. I am wondering if would use a 4" band brake or 4.5" ?
  19. chrisr

    40 series clutch - reasonably priced

    Just picked these up today. The 40 series driver and driven seemed reasonably priced and I have never used the 3/4 to 1 inch adapter before, so I thought I would give it a go. Not sure if anyone else has tried the 3/4 to 1 inch adapters. Thought I would share. Thanks 40 series...
  20. MiniDan99

    Cyntrifugal clutch washer ?????? (for a 79cc predator )

    Where can I get the crankshaft shoulder washer that goes between the clutch and the crank shoulder ? I cant find it, and I'm pretty sure there's supposed to be one. Project: Western Flyer SS300 with a new 79cc predator. Thanks, Dan