1. james ackerman

    Comet 40 series driver

    Looking for a comet 40 series 1 inch bore clutch for my super bronc vt10 project.
  2. manchester1

    Comet Torque Converter help

    First time I ever bought one of these Torque converters. Question: Is it normal for the edge of the belt to be wearing since it is brand new? I only rode the bike a little bit and its like fuzz coming from the outer edge of the belt. I did notice when I put it together, I thought it was...
  3. Comet TC

    Comet TC

    Comet TC
  4. 125ccCrazy

    anyone have any issues with the Comet 40 series clone clutches?

    just curious as how well the work and hold up to a big block...
  5. UnorthodoxCreat

    Comet 30 Series Driver - 1" Bore

    Looking for a Comet 30 Series Driver with 1" Bore. Can be new or lightly used, Comet or off brand. Need shipped to Hanover, PA 17331.
  6. chatten63

    comet modified aluminium weights

    I'm looking for a set of the modified aluminum weights for the comet 20 and 30 series driver. Part number 216117. Thanks Rick.
  7. Sixpac440

    What is the Comet 30 6" Driven width?

    I have a cat99 6" Driven and its 2.160 ... The cat99 is shot and I'm looking into what it will take to get a 30 series on there. Thanks Kevin
  8. E

    Azusa, Predator, Stinger pipe, Genuine Comet - $250!

    For sale $250 after White Knuckle Scramble August 6th Picture was when new but almost $1000 in parts! Probably 10 hours in total! Will be at Scramble Sheridan Il August 6th! First $250 after race takes it!
  9. Studeman68

    1940's Vintage Comet Mini Bike Ebay

    Not mine but the seller is near me.... pretty cool 1940s Vintage Comet Mini Bike | eBay
  10. S

    chinese comet tav2

    hey everyone. i have a hemi pred on my baja mb200. i purchased a chinese tav2 torque a verter. but i cant get the engine anywhere near govener and cant seem to get any faster than 43mph. i know a tc will only spin so fast but the comet tav2 on the same bike with me on it breaks 55mph. how do i...

    comet 20 series driver

    Hi everybody, I have 2 comet drivers. one has steel weights, the other has zinc or aluminum. is one better than the other? or do they engage at a different RPM? Or is there no difference? I recently got a set of lower RPM engagement springs. Im trying to lower the engagement off idle, Im...
  12. james ackerman

    How to tell comet clutch series apart.

    I can't find any number to reference on the clutch. How do you tell apart the different series of clutches that were made. I have a few I'm trying to figure out. Also what clutch setup was originally on the super bronc vt10?
  13. thejoker

    Comet kick stand for sale

    Atwood comet kick stand $50 plus shipping or can bring to windber
  14. trinik7597

    comet clutch

    comet clutch 3/4 12 tooth 35 has some surface rust but is in good shape otherwise $20 shipped
  15. jeep4me

    Vintage Comet 16 tooth clutch

    Pulled this old clutch off from a vintage snow blower. Looks to be in great condition. 3/4" bore, #40 pitch. Comes with shaft collar. Asking $50 shipped. PayPal preferred (as a friend or include the fees), USPS money order or cash work too.
  16. capguncowboy

    Complete comet two speed set up (clutch and jackshaft)

    I picked up these pieces separately, but they're made for each other. The Jackshaft 2 speed looks NOS, new teeth, everything looks great. The clutch is used but the shoes have lots of life left. Nothing is stuck. The inside of the clutch has slight pitting on one side, but I doubt it would...
  17. Not so mini bike

    Tc set up. 30 series genuine comet

    Good aluminum backing plate and nos steel stamp plate. Everything for $125 shipped
  18. blkscorpion80

    20 series Comet driver $20

    20 series Comet driver in good condition. needs to be cleaned up. $27 shipped
  19. I

    Comet clutch for 25hp engine.

    So my build I am doing a briggs flathead build that will surely put out 25hp and at most 9000 rpm and was wondering if a comet 30 series would work? Or would I need to use a 40? I just was wondering if I could damage a torque converter. Thanks you.
  20. markus

    NOS comet 2 speed assembly

    NOS comet 2 speed jackshaft, I checked everyones BIN prices on ebay, $149 shipped is the cheapest right now, you can have this one for $120 shipped via priority mail. Barn fresh (for real) from an ex-kart mini bike shop