1. buckeye

    When you get helicopter coverage

    I went to a event this past weekend in Southern Louisiana. Swamp Stomp. Car show, rat rods, and mini bike racing. Friend shared this with me. 3g Fabrications well represented. Isaiah Gibbs and yours truely. I can't wait to see the pic from the helicopter.
  2. thebronc4019

    Easy Way To Get Complete Coverage When Painting A Frame

    I am getting ready to paint my current project. It is always a challenge to contort the spray-gun to get all of the hidden nooks and crannies covered on a frame. I came up with an easy solution by fabricating some brackets for my engine stand and now I can rotate the bike 360 degrees while I am...
  3. maddcarson

    Calvmx race coverage

    Minibikers got another chance to race with calvmx again in early march. Heres a link to a website of a cycle magazine. Special Photo Section: CALVMX Round 2 | Today's Cycle Coverage -- Racing Results every day! the minibike section is towards the middle