1. R

    Wanted foot peg covers

    We are looking for foot peg cover for a Trail Horse mini bike.
  2. K

    Baja MB200 shock absorber Dust Covers

    Hi! I am on my 4th and 5th Rebuild I was lucky in my first 2 rebuilds I did not need to replace (just the inside seals) . I am in dire need of the the hard rubber dust covers that slips on the lower shock absorbers. Anyone know where I can get these? I have ordered 3 sets online...
  3. mini one

    Tecumseh Recoil covers and starter pulley assemblies

    Thinning out the stuff a little. The older box on the top right has the wrong part number on it FYI, the recoil cover was just in that box when I got it... Everything you see for 50.00 plus shipping (be patient) from 12302 zip in NY or trades for Trail Horse/clone/predator...
  4. Jamie1972

    TrailHorse black and white foot leg covers.

    TrailHorse black or white foot peg covers. These are NEW/ HIGH QUALITY REPRODUCTION COVERS. Perfect for your restoration, survivor or daily rider bike. 42.50 shipped. 52.50 shipped.
  5. A

    WTB Baja Doodle Bug clutch and chain covers DB305-102 and DB305-138

    I'm looking for chain/clutch cover for Baja boodle bug DB30S vin prefix LUAH. The part numbers are DB305-102 and DB305-138, color doesn't matter Thanks for any help, Jim
  6. markus

    Rupp continental optional shock covers?

    I had noticed some time ago in the continental parts listings they show part number 11592 "rubber shock cover" in the miscellaneous sections Just recently ended on ebay was a par of continental shocks with some boots on them, I was wondering if anyone knows if these were in fact the optional...
  7. P

    Exciting news! 1968/69 Rupp TC covers

    Hi, I previously reproduced the 68/69 two speed set up, that are now being sold by Jim at Blackwidow Motorsport. Now I am excited to announce that I am now reproducing the 68/69 TC covers! The covers will be reproduce in this same gauge steel as the originals. They will be exactly like the...
  8. Biffmini

    Foot peg covers

    One set 7/8" ID 4" length $17.00 shipped
  9. Biffmini

    Foot peg covers

    I have six sets 1" ID 4 1/2" length $17.00 shipped
  10. H

    foot pegs covers rupp roadster

    Would these fit? Close to stock for 70 roadster? 7/8" Black Ribbed Foot Peg Covers (PAIR), 4" total length Thanks
  11. james ackerman

    Sears drover foot peg covers?

    Can someone post a picture of what the original foot peg covers that were on a sears drover mini bike looked like.
  12. Jamie1972

    Cat/trailcat foot peg covers

    I have currently one set of CAT reproduction foot peg covers.... Correct length, size...exact match. Perfect for a restoration or survivor. 35.00+2.50 shipping. One set of TrailHorse reproduction foot peg covers..... Correct length and size...exact match. Perfect for a restoration...
  13. JohnnyTillotson

    MTD Trial Bike jack shaft/ TC covers

    I need a jack shaft, sprocket, and driven for a MTD Trial Bike (The bigger MTD with the funky front fork rake) also need 2 TC covers for these bikes.
  14. Biffmini

    Wanted Trail Horse dummy grip & peg covers

    I really want the white grips & peg covers but I will settle for the black ones. I need these for a Trail Horse wizard SS 300 restoration. Black wont be correct but no luck with white so far. I need one dummy grip & peg covers. Also needed original foot peg bolts for Trail Horse. Any help...
  15. Biffmini

    Wanted original White grips & peg covers for TH wizard ss300 restoration!!!

    I'm rounding up parts for a restoration project a Trail Horse wizard ss300 I need original throttle with white grips & foot pegs with original white covers. they can be found on Trail Horse / Trail Blazer & Montgomery ward minis. I know I'm asking for hard to find items... I could sweeten...
  16. Biffmini

    Chibi footpeg covers

    Here's a pic.of my new footpeg covers after a dozen short rides the rubber is way to soft $ 20.00 down the drain Beware!! Any ideas on covers that will hold up to actual use. NOT IMPRESSED! :censure:
  17. manchester1

    wtb rupp foot peg covers.

    Looking for a set of foot peg covers for a 1968 rupp xl350. I need a set that you probably threw in the trash.:laugh: They are for a original survivor. I think the very end of the foot peg rubber slants up.:out: Not really sure about that but I'm looking at another rupp photo. The peg...
  18. R

    Powell Clutch covers

    They look pretty good Powell Challenger Minibike Clutch Cover New Mini Bike Fiberglass Perfect Vintage | eBay
  19. R

    Cat foot peg covers

    I need foot peg covers for my Cat MX Duster
  20. H

    Wtb powell challenger kick stand & belt covers

    I need one stand and two belt covers for the E model Challenger. I'd settle for re-pops on the covers. Thanks.