custom builds

  1. C

    Just another build

  2. BingCrosby

    2 Speed Experimentation

    I'm trying to recreate the Comet style of 2-speed clutch with the dual-sprocket clutch on the engine, and sprag gear-clutch on the jackshaft. For starters, the sprag gear system looks like it could be recreated with parts from Electric Scooter Parts, with adapter FWM-ADAPTER8, freewheel...
  3. nightgrider

    Fox Campus Trail Bike Build

    Recently purchased a Fox Campus, planning on building it into a nice little trail bike to putt around the yard and fields on. Here's a short run down of what I'm thinking: - 10 inch dirt bike wheels - CVT to the jackshaft - New seat - Honda CFR50F front fork - 8 inch mini ape hanger handlebars...
  4. Tufdog

    Tufdog's Place, a lil bout me & my builds

    Hi everyone, yeah, I'm new here, but not new to the sport. Thanks for havin me. I've Been ridin, workin on, lovin bikes my whole life. I joined up to share my ideas and creations as well as learn from you. I have a YouTube channel that shows in depth videos of my builds & ideas. I created...