1. O

    old frame

    I bought this frame on craigslist 2 weeks ago and I forgot I had it because I have so many projects right now. Im also wondering what gas tank is that? It didnt come with the frame I just got it from somebody else for dirt cheap. Im not sure if I will use it on this project. I have a vintage 2...
  2. T

    Speedway fork question

    I just took apart my forks form my 71 speedway shrike the springs are broken so I found nice replacements form FARM AND FLEET my question is are the sels at the top to keep dirt out or oil in? the don't seem to be setup for oil but they call it HYDRO RIDE in the brochure
  3. redclayhd

    Excitement at my house - maybe!

    We're supposed to bring an old vintage dirt track car over to my house (shop) and work on it. Driver was an old timer and did real good in his day. He's deceased now. Working on the car is good enuf to make me smile. BUT, this car is supposed to go to a museum belonging to a major NASCAR driver...
  4. R

    Rupp Roadster/Tecumseh carb help needed

    Hey there I am getting a Roadster running properly and it runs like a champ in the garage and on smooth roads. It seems as though if i take it on some bouncier dirt lots it doesn't like it and wants to idle only and the throttle floods it out. Also it seems like it only wants to run on half...
  5. 6

    Hello from Kansas, 6 miles west of Wichita.

    I've been a member and a lurker for over a year now, so I guess I should introduce myself. I'm 61 years old, an aircraft machinist, married, 3 grown kids, and 5 grandkids, the oldest is 10. I do vintage drag racing with my altered wheelbase '63 Chevy II. A few years ago I bought a used Baja dirt...
  6. omahgarsh

    Mini Bike Track ???

    Has there ever been such a thing ??? There are go kart tracks why not mini bike tracks ??? Where do people run pocket bikes ??? Couldn't you run minis at the same places ??? A paved track, dirt oval, or even a dirt motocross type track would be cool.
  7. L

    Old Benelli mini bike or dirt bike...what to do with it? [pics]

    I don't really know what it is. I'm ready to take it to the scrap heap. However, I don't want to do that if someone needs parts off of it. I thought I would start here to see if you guys can help.
  8. LemonLarry


    Dirt bug
  9. LemonLarry


    Dirt bug
  10. LemonLarry


    Dirt bug
  11. LemonLarry


    Dirt bug
  12. mini's


    Dirt Bug
  13. mini's


    Dirt Bug
  14. mini's


    Dirt Bug
  15. I

    300' dirt drag racing in louisiana!

    On my way to visit a church this morning the good Lord showed me a sign that I had to stop by on the way home. Kentwood Raceway park in kentwood, la. They race atv's there from stock to very wild. They race on loose packed ddirt drag strip. I was telling the owner what we had and that we...
  16. mopar70

    Busted my dirt bike

    Sunday I had a slight problem with my 06 YZ450F. I sheared off the bolts from my rear sprocket. That lead to the wadding of my chain in the front sprocket. That lead to a broken case$$$$
  17. S

    Baja Dirt Bug

    Baja Dirt Bug
  18. OND

    What is it ? Dirt Bug ?

    I bought a mini bike today from a guy that said he bought it new for his daughter about 3 years ago. He said she rode it for 3 or 4 days and didn't ride it anymore. It came from Tractor Supply, its yellow :thumbsup: and says Dirt Bug on the rear fender. Oh and has a 97cc engine. Is it a Baja ...
  19. 5horsebriggs

    wanted dirt bike/ quad n.y.

    well i need somethin for long trail rides and i want somethin a little diffrent than mini for the trails, i want a project bike like a cr80 really anything, nothings to big
  20. D

    Amusment GoKart to Dirt Conversion.

    Ok, so I got my Kart all stripped down ready to get some bigger tires for it. What I need to know is if anybody has converted a ammusment kart over to a dirt kart, and if the experience was worth it. I think I can use the stock rims and maybe just fit larger tires to them. I also know I will...