1. gran_pann

    Baja Warrior Build - Drag Race Build

    Good morning gentleman. I've got the tools and a little extra $$ right now to build up my baja warrior (the black one). Now I have three of these things, that I have built up for trail riding, and I Am wanting to build this to drag race a bit. And I have a deadline to meet October 8th. I...
  2. RustyRedneck

    Mini Drag Bike?

    I've almost got my 2017 OldMiniBikes Build-off bike done (a little late, I know) and I'm already thinking about next years. I was just curious if anybody actually drag races mini bikes. I've seen a few that are built like hey might go in a straight line pretty well but, is it actually a thing or is it...
  3. David wulf

    Chrome plated drag handle bars

    Like it says these are brand new chrome plated drag bars and come with aluminum risers . I had bought these for my build off bike but just wasn't feeling it when I tried them . They are 7/8 dia . Price is 40.00 plus shipping
  4. David wulf

    Chrome plated drag handle bars

    Like it says these are brand new chrome plated drag bars and come with aluminum risers . I had bought these for my build off bike but just wasn't feeling it when I tried them . They are 7/8 dia . Price is 40.00 plus shipping
  5. mariner12

    Drag race kart

    Looking for some outside ideas on how to get a kart to leave harder from a standing start. 20℅ of passes the engine bogs from the dig at WOT, but otherwise does well. A group of friends and I race a 233' dirt drag we built. I pull like a train mid range and up top. Looking to put more power...
  6. T

    drag bike build

    started building my drag bike in early september hoping to top 60+ mph in the 1/8 mile. power plant is a vintage hirth 292cc 19hp snojet engine with a comet 94c duster driver and a 10" salsbury driven. gearing is 20t jackshaft to a 54t rear sprocket. don't know what this bike will do?
  7. super nate

    florida minibike drag racing league

    outlaw fun runs and testing this sunday oct30th in crystal springs on bay ave and hawthorn st...don't worry you will find us lol...be there around 10:30 11 am
  8. smwtnbndr

    125' Mini Bike Drag Races-St. Louis Missouri

    Creative Customs Chop Shop is hosting the last mini bike races for the year. It is also known as the Riverview Rendezvous on you tube. 125' races. This Sunday October 23, 2016 at 1:00pm. 8934 Riverview Dr. Bring your hot rods if no minis. Hang out at watch the spectacle. Food will be...
  9. T

    Drag build

    Hey, im looking to build a drag motor out of the predator 212. What kind of parts/budget am I looking at? I'd like to be able to hang with the fastest
  10. Joe-405

    Big tire drag chassis

    Wanting to buy a nice jr. dragster rear tired drag chassis. I sold my other one and want to upgrade for the newfound power ! And thanks.
  11. D

    Drag Racing??? Is It Dead?

    Hey guys, Im Devan (DragATX) New to the site. So I have been away from mini bikes since about 2010. (didnt bring my bike to to Texas when I moved here) So I have been really wanting to get back into mini bike drag racing, And grow it in popularity here in the area, But it...
  12. james ackerman

    Want to buy or possibly trade for mini drag frame.

    Anyone have any drag frames out there or if worse comes to worse a frame that would be good for streching.
  13. Joe-405

    Checking in finally with a new drag build

    Been scrounging for awhile. Decided it was time. I am currently building a nitro 44 that has been changed around to suit my needs. Its in the diygk buildoff right now and all i got left is the torque converter setup, bolt on brakes, and fuel tank mount and shes ready for testing. I have...
  14. DBMonster85

    Drag bike done

    Just thought I'd share this year's build in a short story. I know I like to see other drag builds. Mine is more mild obviously because it's just a stockish D.B. but next year will be chassis stuff and or new frame. Spent all my doe on the motor. Lol
  15. yalipito

    custom made drag mini bike FS

    OK guys, I am giving up on the mini drag bike thing. This project is now for sale. It has a briggs animal/WF/modified engine with stock bore and stroke, ANmod1 cam, ARC rod, WF head with oversized SS valves and mikuni tm24 carb. The rims and forks are off of a x15 pocket bike, frame is my...
  16. yalipito

    What clutch for drag racing Briggs WF engine?

    What clutches are you guys using when drag racing these engines? Currently I'm using a tav2 and I don't seem to reach the power band for the engine even after a few tricks to the tav. I can do 330ft at 50mph/7300rpm and only 60/7950 rpm in the 660ft.
  17. C

    turbo drag bike

    I am running a non-hemi predator 212 with the governor removed, and billet rod and flywheel installed. I want to turn this bike into a drag bike. I have been looking at turbos, specifically the GT0632SZ Garrett Turbo. I would have to run efi, oil pump, and catch can to make it work in addition...
  18. smwtnbndr

    Drag mini bike-Predator RPM issue??

    Setting up a mini to run 125' drag. Here is the motor breakdown: Predator Hemi, governor removed ARC connecting rod, piston is flush with top of cylinder ARC ultralight flywheel Dyno Cam F275 stainless steel valves ported and polished head, not a work of art, just smooth Mikuni Carb...
  19. Bignate123

    Us 60 drag strip Kentucky

    There's a minibike drag at us60 raceway in hardinsburg Kentucky.
  20. B

    My introduction and dirt drag project

    Hey guys. I think I may have posted on here before but I don't remember. Anyway, I'm Brad and I'm the owner of Brad Hill Performance. Y'all may have seen some of my work on Facebook and I know LS Customs has gave me a shout out on here about my Hemi rockers. But I do mostly engine work including...