1. Frank Davis

    My new kart motor 1959 Ducati 175

    Just kidding, but I'd thought I'd share a photo of a very rare (in the US) Ducati motor I just picked up.......175 sport narrow case....fun stuff
  2. F


    Hi Guys/Gals,I'm new here and first just wanted to say "Hi" and that I basically like anything with a motor (engine) and two wheels,like I suspect many here do.I have about 15 motorcycles at the present ranging from bikes that I currently ride (Ducati,Moto Guzzi,Triumph,KTM) to projects,and...
  3. R

    1970 ducati mini for sale on the web

    http://images.traderonline.com//img/5/dealer/3389070/89524077_1thumb_550x410.jpg i hope this link works.cool bike
  4. Ducati


    test photo