1. S

    WTB: 14" front wheel, brake, axle - Rupp, Fox, etc.

    I'm looking for a 14" front wheel complete with brake and 1/2" axle and spacers for my Fox scrambler bike. Old one was all rusted together and had to cut it off so it got scraped. Any help is appreciated! Thanks
  2. C

    front end geometry

    I was reading a thread concerning front end geometry and the presence of " offset" as opposed to 0 degree "offset", Is this referring to the placement of the axle to the center of the fork tube?:confused:
  3. Sprocket86

    Azusa front forks

    Has anyone tried to mount up a set of Azusa mini bike front forks on a Baja DB 30? They look exactly the same but maybe not quite as wide as the DB 30 forks. Thanks.
  4. Sprocket86

    Azusa Tri Star on front of DB 30

    Has anyone ever mounted an Azusa Tri Star alloy wheel to the front of the Baja DB 30? You need a 35x12mm ball bearing and I don't think they make these in this size. I want to replace the offset hub steel wheel that comes on the front of a DB 30 with a better 6 inch wheel.
  5. Sprocket86

    MBX-11 front end swap.

    I take it the MBX-11 front fork swap is a difficult part to find new and what are all the parts I need? I'd really like to add one of these to my DB 30. How much better does this improve the ride and handling? Thanks.
  6. C

    Vt7 front fender

    Looking for a vt7 front fender.
  7. motomonster212cc

    ARCO Colt seat, disc brake, and front decal...

    Hello Everyone, As the title says, I'm looking for an Alexander Reynolds (ARCO) Colt seat, disc brake and front decal. If you have ANY of these, please PM me. Thanks for your time and help, Lyle
  8. trinik7597

    Cat front wheel ,tire ,and stars

    Cat front wheel with Adrian 12.5/6 tire in great shape and a full set of 3 stars $75 shipped
  9. mrpat

    Looking for a Bonanza BC front fender

    Hola gang, Looking for a Bonanza BC front fender. I would prefer a nice looking one, but would entertain a not so good looking one too. Thank you! Pat
  10. OND

    Front Fork Spring Cups

    Anybody know if the OldMiniBikes warehouse still carries the front springs (weld on) cups ? The weld on type for 1" tubing.
  11. FOMOGO

    Wanted - Motovox MB - 11 front forks

    Like the tittle says I am looking for a set of MB - 11 front forks with suspension. Complete with bars or just the forks would be fine. Let me know what you have. Thanks, FOMOGO
  12. Rupp_It_Up

    Triple tree / Front Suspension upgrade - Speedway

    I'm upgrading my Speedway Green Horn front suspension to a real hydraulic suspension and wanted to know if there's an aftermarket pit bike setup that I could retrofit. The main issue is that the fork is secured to the steering neck with a 1/2" bolt going thru nylon bearings and all of the pit...
  13. FOMOGO

    DB30 front brakes

    I am toying with the idea of installing front brakes on my Doodlebug. I have seen a couple of picks of people doing it with a rear wheel on the front. I know the forks are not the strongest things in the world but how much braking force will be applied with the cable operated caliper? The...
  14. Fantic Freddy

    Pinto front wheel and tire

    I could use a usable front wheel and tire for an early 70's Golden Pinto.( 6" ) A front and rear axle too. (the tri star wheel preferably) I need the spacers also. (I need so much sh*t for this project it's not funny)
  15. G

    Heald Super Bronc Front Fork Springs

    I've looked and looked for these and outside of a couple of dead possible repro threads, I've found no leads. So. I'm having 5 sets made (two sets for myself). I will sell the remaining 3 sets for $100 shipped per set. If you're interested, shoot me a message.
  16. Stitch

    WTB Original DB30 rear wheel / front wheel

    Hi, I picked up a project DB 30 for $35.00 and was going to use it for parts. After a closer inspection, I decided that I would like to rebuild it. I need the rear and front wheels hopefully with spacers but not necessary. I have pretty much everything else needed. Thanks guys!
  17. Midyrman

    Wanted: Bonanza MX Front Lower outer shock tubes

    Looking for a pair of the approx. 1.25 inch bottom outer shock tubes for an MX. Thanks. Tom
  18. High Speed Front Forks - Winner?

    High Speed Front Forks - Winner?

    This guy might win.
  19. B

    Arco front shock springs???

    Looking to replace the fork springs on the Arco I'm doing and can't seem to find the right size. Does anyone have a lead to where I can frame me them? Thanks and happy thanksgiving
  20. BWL

    Cold Front & Leadcoe Line