gx160 head

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    14cc cylinderhead.
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    GX160 14cc cylinderhead
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  4. CJdoodlebug90

    Gx160 valve cover clearance

    I have a gc160 head that has 1.3 rockers and 26lbs sorings, I think rockers are hitting valve cover. I dont have enough space to put a spacer so. Can I remove the baffle inside? If so how can I make sure oil doesnt leak out breather hole?
  5. CJdoodlebug90

    Help!!!!!!!1.3 rockers - 212cc -gx160 head!!!!!!!

    I bought a gx160 head and installed it on my 212cc. Now it has a lot of rocker noise...ive lashed valves like 3 times already(just past tdc). Should I go up on octane gas am I nit doing something right?
  6. hal_armour

    GX160 heads from Canada

    Guys, Does this ad seem correct ? The place is in the next province over from me and it seems legit. Anybody bought from these guys. They look like a perfect answer for those of us looking to tweak our clone 6.5's. Somebody knock some sense into me before I press the paypal button...
  7. minigonzabel

    predator gx160 head

    Hey everyone I'm needing some help cuz I'm confused. The predator motor out the box with a header would spin the tires on my kart. I put a gx160 head that has been ported and gx160 flywheel on it today with same header and stock filter. On the ground the motor rips but when I stuck it back on my...