1. L

    Hawg Ty tire/stem question. Please help

    Hi guys, A few years back i fixed up my father in laws Hawg Ty minibike. He proceeded to use it once and let it sit along the side of the house to rot :( He wants to ride it in the fourth of July parade coming up but told me the rear tire has a flat... says it is leaking from the...

    Needing handle bar plate and riser for a hawg ty

    In need of handle bar plate and riser for an old hawg ty mini bike. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks y'all
  3. butch63

    clutch drive gear swap

    oldest grandson has a hawg ty with the stock 5.5hp engine. I wanna put that engine & clutch on youngest grandsons db30& get a hf predator 212 for the hawg ty. I have a new clutch for the predator, but it has a #35 sprocket on it. can I swap the sprockets from both clutches? the hawg ty has the...
  4. J

    Hawg Ty Minibike exhaust needed for Predator 212cc engine

    Subject says it all. Where can I get an exhaust pipe and muffler to replace the stock one on a Predator 212cc that I put in my Hawg Ty minibike? I want to buy one that fits out of the box if possible.
  5. J

    Engine for Hawg Ty mini bike

    Is the GX200 clone from Monster Scooter Parts a direct fit to the Hawg Ty mini bike? I mean the engine mounts to the existing engine plate without modification and the clutch plate mounts to the 4 bolt holes around the engine shaft without modification? The listing does not list the bolt...
  6. butch63

    hawg ty chong jong

    anyone know if the engine shaft is 3/4 or some metric:censure: thanks5.5 jong chong:out:
  7. L

    Hawg ty - need help with upgrading

    Hi, recently was given an old hawg ty minibike that was sitting alongside the side of a house for the last 6 years. I have done some reading here and decided to just go ahead and buy a predator 212cc engine from harbor freight. It seems the old clutch that was on the stock hawg ty won't...
  8. L

    Hawg Ty Rear Sprocket

    I am helping a young man fix up a Hawg Ty. But he doesn't have the rear sprocket. Mine has a 51 tooth sprocket 3 1/8" bolt hole spacing center hole 1.5 inches Lost
  9. W

    Hawg Ty Mini 5.5 ?

    Where are these made ? I can buy one for about $200- in good shape. 5.5hp. Are these worth having ? about 5-6 years old. I know it is not "old school" but figured you guys could tell me the good, bad & the ugly on these. just wonder if this would be a good putter for the property. :scooter:Thanks.
  10. D

    Hawg Ty Questions.

    Ok,I am looking for any current members with info on the Hawg Ty big wheel bikes. I need help in the ways of the girder spring front end. It seems to be real getto and weak. Has anybody eliminated the spring system and made a upper triple tree for them? Or maybe found a good way to reinforce...
  11. Hawg Ty project

    Hawg Ty project

    Ongoing Hawg project, real gas tank (engine tank removed) Baha seat, 212 Predator engine. More to come.
  12. Steve Albright

    Hawg Ty/Baha minis.

    Just curious, are the Hawg Tys and Baha Heat/Warrior made in China? I know the engines are. They don't seem to be to popular on this site. My misfortune I guess.:confused: I have two Bahas and three Hawgs I thought I really had something. Why aren't these very popular is it because they are...
  13. Steve Albright

    Hawg Ty front fender

    Hi, I'm looking for a Hawg Ty front fender and misc parts for the Hawg Ty and Baha Heat/Warrior parts. Let me know what you might have and how much, thanks.
  14. J

    Hmmm, question about my Hawg TY and a jackshaft

    Hi everyone. First post for me so I apologize in advance for not introducing myself earlier I picked up what I believe to be a Hawg for next to nothing and have been fiddling with it. The goal for this is something to go slow and put around our boating events and races as an alternative to a...
  15. H

    just picked up a hawg ty, need help putting it together

    hey i got a hawg ty 5.5 hp. it is missing all the springs that hook up to the throttle, ( i have the springs, but i dont know how they hook up). also, the previous owner drove it into a curb and the front forks are slightly bend back. any where i can get replacements? its leaking oil on the...
  16. R

    Foot Pegs for a Hawg Ty

    Hi: I recently purchased a Hawg Ty by Baja Motorsports, 5.5 hp. I need new foot pegs. I can't get through to the folks at Baja at this time. Are the foot rest pegs for the MB 165 compatible for the Hawg Ty? Other resources to find the right pegs? Thanks, Dan
  17. butch63

    hawg ty tank

    looking for gas tank for hawg ty. not the fake tank. does anyone know if a clone tank will fit? has a gauge in tank that cracked & leaks:anon.sml:
  18. butch63

    hawg ty jackshaft upgrade

    recently the chain tensioner on my grandsons hawg ty broke off & tangled in the front chain, bending the jackshaft. i got another jackplate from a member here & i slotted the holes that bolt to the engine. i can now move the jackplate back to adjust the front chain without using the tensioner at...
  19. J

    Super Bronc or Hawg Ty questions

    I have a chance to purchase these bikes........I'm just not sure what they are worth. Any help would be appreciated Thank you J
  20. butch63

    hawg ty/ no jackplate

    anyone with hawg ty or baja run without a jackplate. straight clutch to rear wheel?burn out clutch? thanks. new b:shrug: