1. Single jackshaft twister

    Single jackshaft twister

    Bearkat twister single jackshaft, 12 inch wheels
  2. oldsledz

    5 inch GoPower wheel

    5 inch GoPower wheel , The tire is shot 65.00
  3. W

    Briggs with a 3/4 by 3 inch crankshaft

    Hi all, Did Briggs make a 3.5 or 4 hp engine with a 3/4 by three inch crankshaft for use on a Rupp minibike? Thanks, Bill T.
  4. manchester1

    Comet NOS 4 inch 3/4 brake drums

    NOS Comet 4" drum with 3/4 center, 45.00 shipped for the pair to the USA. Pay Pal or postal money order.
  5. ugmold

    4 inch wheels for my Lil Indian

    The title pretty much says it all, I recently got a Lil Indian (700?) with bogus wheels, would love to get mags, but they are too pricey, looking for something stock and fairly clean.
  6. manchester1

    Comet 4 inch brake drums. NOS

    NOS Comet brake drums. (2). These came from a lot that I purchased. 4" drum with 1" center hole. $45.00 shipped to the USA.
  7. GustoGuy

    Rupp Roadster 2 1971-75 with 12 inch wheels, Which Tires for trail riding?

    Hi again, I bought a Rupp Roadster 2 with the 12 inch wheels off of Craig's list a few weeks back and I am looking to make it into a nice little gravel road/low maintenance road and trail machine since I have miles of low maintance roads and trails to ride by my cabin. I am getting the parts...
  8. james ackerman

    Set of 4 inch manco rims.

    Nice set of manco 4 inch rims. $60 shipped
  9. K

    14 inch tire diameter, 13 tooth clutch, 53 tooth rear sprocket. Okay to use?

    Right now I have installed on my motovox a 212cc predator with 14 inch tire diameter, 12 tooth clutch and 58 tooth rear sprocket. Will it be okay to switch the clutch to a 13 tooth and the rear sprocket to a 53 tooth without burning up the clutch?
  10. rustINpeace

    5 inch Manco Wheel

    Hello all. Hopefully someone out there needs a 5 inch Manco wheel, has 52 bucks and is patient; as it will be shipped in a USPS flat rate box.
  11. james ackerman

    6 inch Bonanza kidney bean wheels with General tires.

    Nice set of 6inch kidney bean Bonanza wheels, with 5.30/4.50-6 general tires. May need tubes haven't tried to put air in them. $200 shipped or trade for 5 Inch fox Lemans go kart wheels.
  12. FOMOGO

    1 inch Brake Levers

    I am looking for some replacement brake levers for this Super Bronc. I am tired of fighting what I think is a battle that cant be won. I need a lever with an adjuster on it. I just can not find a happy medium on this Super Bronc. Either they drag and lock or they don't work. I measured the...
  13. Valocalrep

    5 inch shock

    Anyone selling a 4 or 5 inch eat shock or have a old one laying around they would be willing to part with for cheap?
  14. FOMOGO

    Inch Pound Torque Wrench

    I am in the market for an inch pound torque wrench. I am partial to Snap On torque wrenches but I like the old old ones as I feel they are better made than the newest stuff.... Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am right, I don't know... :shrug: But older stuff is with out question American made..... Who...
  15. T

    Bent RUPP 12 inch wheel

    Hello mini bike guys. Restoring a 1972 RUPP Roadster2 and while removing the old Chinese tire someone put on I noticed a few spokes were bent. After removing all the spokes and hub I rolled it on the floor. The wheel rim has a wobble in one spot, evidently someone hit something hard. Was...
  16. BWL

    Man catches 22 inch catfish on 8 lbs handline
  17. Fantic Freddy

    7 inch tires

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a decent couple of spare tires for my Broncco, ( 7 in. ), would Winber be the place to find them? ( 3.50-7 ) specifically.
  18. V

    Free tires 6 inch pickup only

    4 doodlebug metric tires for 6 inch wheels one 15x6-6 and one 13x6.5-6 the non db tires are new. Pickup only edison or southboundbrook nj.
  19. neo71665

    Aftermarket 1 inch throttle??

    My throttle works but is pitted all up. I've searched around and it seems 1 inch stuff is pretty limited. I really don't want to chop off and weld on 7/8th so does anybody have any suggestions? I'm on a limited budget so an exotic billet roller bearings throttle is out of the question (tho I...
  20. james ackerman

    4 inch manco rims with kendra slicks

    Asking 110 shipped