1. F

    Black Star Rims on Cat Mini Bike?

    I have an HPE Muskin JCPenney's Duster MX mini bike that I have recently restored. It has black star rims on it, but I've seen photos of other Duster MX bikes (even though there are not many) and they have chrome star rims on them. I was wondering if these are aftermarket rims or genuine HPE...
  2. Unknown Bike

    Unknown Bike

    This is a Bike I bought around a year ago, I need to find everything about it e.g. make - model - user manual etc etc Please anyone out there.
  3. Unknown Bike

    Unknown Bike

    This is a Bike I bought around a year ago, I need to find everything about it e.g. make - model - user manual etc etc Please anyone out there.
  4. S

    Ross Hoss information

    Still looking for information about the manufacture of the 3 wheel Ross Hoss, hoping Dick DeBuse might have some info.I think they were built in west Texas in about 1963-1965. Would appreciate any help. Sam
  5. William CB

    Hello all finding lots of good information on the site 750 my Gote

    Trying to find out any information about this tote Gote the blue paint looks like it's original but I have a man I will find another 750 that's blue SN 340
  6. L

    Looking for some information

    I believe I have a 1970 Montgomery wards mini bike. The motor that is on it is a 4hp Tecumseh (not running) what is a good engine to replace with? I would like to know what are decent options? I'm sending frame and accessories out to be sandblasted and powder coated. The build is for my 5 year...
  7. steven Durham

    Just for information

    How many people watch the SUPER BOWL just to see the commercials and the half time shows and could care less who win's the game. or the opinions of the announcer's selected to entertain the public Count me out; Steve Durham :scooter:
  8. 125ccCrazy

    Looking for information on putting a 69mm crank in a 420/440

    I called one of the distributors that sell the cranks, rods ect and asked them what would I need to do and what combination of rod and piston I would need to put the 69mm crank in a 440 block and the answer was "I dunno",,,Really??? you sell all these parts and race engines and dont know what...
  9. keystone kid

    WANTED 1970 Gemini sst50 parts and information.

    Hi I just picked up a 1970 Gemini sst50 project. Looking for handle bars, gas cap and tank badges,spring for kick start,kickstand spring, side cover bolts, ignition with key and a few other parts . I'm looking for information on what Yamaha YG1 engine parts will work ? Places to find parts ...
  10. M

    Looking for any information on a forester products mini bike

    Hi, I'm new on this site and just bought a Forester Products Mini Bike and that starts and runs great. Hi and Low gears apparently to move Game (deer) for the forest. I can't seem to find any thing on the web about it or literature on it. Any help would be much appreciated...
  11. S

    Amy information? Believe it to be an Indian mm5a

    Would like any information I could get
  12. S

    Just bought Rupp need more information...

    Hello Folks, I Found this locally, and I think i got a good deal (I'm new at this). I can't find any numbers on it, but am fairly sure its a Rupp. It has a 5HP briggs, but I don't know if that is original or not. Can anybody help identify it and give me some details of what it was...
  13. raypennachio

    Vintage Dynamark/Fox Banshee Information

    Hello all, I recently purchased a vintage dynamark/fox banshee and I cannot find any information on it I have attached pictures, hopefully i can get some information on it I'll be receiving the gas tank later All the tags/ stickers are there and mostly readable Thanks in advance
  14. SimpleTom

    Where do these people get their information from?????

    RARE 70s Mini Bike Cool Hard to Find with 14" Wheels | eBay Rare 70s mini bike Cool! Hard to find with 14" wheels
  15. P

    Speedway Black Shadow information

    i am restoring a 1971 Speedway Black Shadow that is missing the engine mount (It is different from a Widow Maker) if anyone has pictures, information or one for sale, it would be greatly appreciated. I have a lot of rare Speedway parts to trade or I will buy it out rite. Thank you, Paul
  16. xr7gt

    Tote Gote fest Utah 2015?

    Are there any plans for a get together this year? I searched for information but couldn't find anything current. Anyone else in Utah want to meet up?
  17. S

    Montgomery Wards Information

    Hi I am new to the site and would like to find some information on a Montgomery Wards Mini-Bike. I purchased the mini at a swap meet with some parts missing if I could get some pictures as to how the rear swing arm attaches to the main frame any help would be appreciated. Thanks for now SCM
  18. t555trailblazer

    My latest find Trailblazer

    Looks to be original right down to the dirt and grease. Never had a 2 speed before and looking forward to getting it going. Any information from members?
  19. Hounddog

    Chris Cycle

    I recently found a nice Chris Cycle. It has an air/fan cooled 2-stroke....Does anyone have any information? Thanks HD
  20. T

    Tecumesh Engine ID

    Hello, I am having trouble identifying my engine. The model number on the engine reads "H 5 452021" but I have been unable to find any information on it. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks, Tony