1. C

    New Dude intro

    Hi, names Dave just got my hands on this old minibike! It says cat on the back of the seat, can you guys shed some light on this thing?
  2. C

    New Member Intro

    Hello all- I am currently rebuilding a Fox Thunderbolt from the 70's. This frame was given to my son in the early 90's by a truck driver that was from the Janesville, WI area. The frame was bare with the swing are and fork off. Surprising the handle bars were with it. The wheels were from a...
  3. M

    Mike TC Intro

    Mike from Long Island, I just purchased a Lil Indian Chopper signed by the builder, original 6 horse and completely restored. Pictures to follow.

    New Guy Intro/ Me and my friends like to race in the dirt! PICS

    Hello Everyone, I'm new here! (sort of, I messed around on here about 6-7 years ago) Real quick intro: I'm 26, I work in the Coast Guard, and i live in Southwest Ontario, (Great white North) I have a bunch of random small engine stuff and multiple old cars and an old truck. I play in a...
  5. D

    New Guy- intro

    Hi everyone. New guy here on the forum. I've recently become obsessed with finding a "beater" minibike to introduce myself to the addiction. Want to build one with my sons and ride it around. I've always had Honda xr50s and can't wait to start working on something vintage and simple. Teach the...
  6. M

    My Intro

    Hello everyone my name is Floyd, I just joined the forum after being an occasional lurker for a few years now. Currently I am refurbishing an old Heathkit for a friend of mine and working on my second Baja MB165 custom for myself. I'll start threads for them later. I do a lot of restoration on...
  7. G

    GrandPaul's intro

    Howdy, folks. I'm GrandPaul mainly because my late kid brother told me that's what I should be called by my grandkids after the first one was born, and it stuck. I'm in Laredo (south) Texas, where we have 1 week of winter and 51 weeks of summer, on average. I've got an extensive collection of...
  8. S

    Intro and MB200 w/ rear suspension bike pics

    Hi, I'm Sean Butler, I've been looking here the last couple weeks for some inspiration, and I found it. I have a 15yr old MB200, I just got done (Well almost done) fixing it up. New Predator 212 from HF, TAV2 torque converter, and I added rear suspension. I made my existing rear wishbone into a...
  9. M

    Whats up intro, from RI.

    Hay Merrick from RI, I remember when I war 14teen. I traded a bmx bike for what was a taco 22 beat up minibike. My good friend had a gokart, so he knew a little about engines. In a few hours of , get this = try that I had a running minibike. We road everywhere. With tools and bottled gas...
  10. R


    Hi folks, I'm from Tulsa Ok. I've been involved in auto restoration, customizing and racing in one form or another for decades. I think that most old hot rodders that were around in the 60's remember the mini bike boom very well, and will always have a fondness for them. I have a couple of...
  11. PitDragon

    New Guy intro and project

    Been lurking for awhile, decided to get serious I guess. Here's my little pit bike (drag racer here), it's decently quick but needs more done in the near future. Bigger carb comes to mind, being this one is stock and slowing it down I think. Has billet flywheel, 20 long billet rod, bp2 cam and...
  12. S

    I short intro and a thank you

    Hi everyone I'm new here like your first day of school except this school is awesome I'm getting into the world of mini bikes and loving every second of it thanks for all the info and for being here for someone who wants to learn sincerely slickrick
  13. T

    Hello from PR

    Hello to you all, nice place you guys have here, MOD at a few sites that got nothing to do with engines, doing some search to fix a Honda clone engine with no luck got me to call a friend that lives in USA and told me this was the right place for answers even thou is not a genset forum, anyway I...
  14. M

    Quick Intro

    Just bought The Boy an MBX11 (I live about 10 miles from the Motovox facility) and quickly found out that (you guessed it) the stock engine is a dog. I see a jack shaft upgrade in our near future with possibly a clone a bit after. We'll see. I didnt have motorized vehicles as a kid, so now...
  15. P

    Intro and simple question

    Hello all. I picked up a minibike for me and my 13 year old boy to play on. I have no clue what it is exactly but I am pretty sure it is old. My guess is at least from the 70's or older. The bike was $100 and it has a few issues with the HS50 67333K engine. The first one was the 3 year old...
  16. F


    Hi, my name is Melody. I have recently purchased a very rough looking mini bike really cheap, loved the look of it and thought it would be fun to ride. At this point it doesn't run and needs a lot of work so I am looking for any good info on how to identify it and advice on fixing it. My...
  17. S

    Intro of me and my doodlebug roadracer

    Been here awhile, but never posted. Here is my doodlebug project. Added a 6.5 clone motor, custom exhaust, gas tank, shortened the seat, added modified crf50 forks with 10" crf wheels with supermoto tires. Disc brake front and drum rear with custom rear foot brake lever.
  18. Brens

    Intro to my New MiniBike!

    Hey everyone, my first thread on this forum. Looks like a great place to hangout and a wealth of knowledge on Mini Bikes! Here she is: I'm afraid that's the best so far. Craigslist purchase. Has a Predator 212 cc, and a custom wheelie bar. This engine rocks! :scooter: I really...
  19. blacksheep_2u


    hello everyone my names Dan Im from north CA a place called Red Bluff.I have a tote gote 600 im working on,have some extra parts to trade and ?s but this just my intro
  20. HolyHandGrenade

    Intro / Rebuild

    Hello all, I put this together for my Som a few years back. He's 14 now and and it's time for a rebuild... This is what it looked like yesterday: This is what it looks like now: My plans are to replace EVERYTHING and have the frame powder coated. I have a...