1. myjunk

    Rupp mini go joe

    Does anyone have any pictures of a Rupp mini go with the correct engine and gas tank. I read in the book that it should have a Tecumseh 3.5 hp engine, however I have read somewhere that the early ones came with a Clinton engine. This would make some sense as I have a Rupp Herbie go kart that did...
  2. james ackerman

    Spoke with Joe Deboever of CCS!!!

    So I called and talked to Joe Deboever the son of Norm Deboever the owner of the company that owned Central Cycle Supply. We spoke briefly about the company and the bikes they produced. He seemed like a busy guy but did say he was willing to dig up info that the company may still have...
  3. 2SlickNick

    Joe Type Mini steering slop

    Hey Fellas and Gals, I have a mini I am working on that has been ID'd as a Joe type... When I was taking off the forks/handlebars and I was surprised when I didn't see any bearings in the neck tube. Is this normal? The neck tube has a 9/16" ID. And the bottom handle bar cross bracket...
  4. Iron Honky

    Looking for a rupp go joe

    If anyone comes across a rupp go joe in decent shape that is some what close to me let me know. There's a really nice one in Oregon but out of my price range. Would love to get one for the kids
  5. thejoker

    WTB Ohlsson rice tank

    Looking for a good ohlsson rice tank. Or some ideas for something similar. thanks Joe
  6. S

    new Taco sprockets are out

    Great news Taco lovers !!!!!!! ....are you tired of those buzz saw used sprockets.....after years of R and D the new 60th Taco sprocket is done and ready to sell....thanks to Joe Rivello at Taco mini bike soon more parts and frames will be out.....they run about $70 plus shipping ....I saw a few...
  7. thejoker

    cat dominator/eliminator seat

    Looking for a survivor cat dominator or eliminator seat for my new dominator. Thanks Joe

    Happy Birthday to FireMarshal - Joe

    Happy Birthday Joe - thinking of ya Hope it's a good one:thumbsup:
  9. thejoker

    bonanza guard

    I have a bonanza chain guard that i would like to trade for cat parts. I am looking for cat parts such as a long chain guard, duster fender set and so on. Please pm me your number and we can exchange pictures. Thanks Joe
  10. buckeye

    Great folks on here again

    I have been looking for a Gilson Wards bike for quite awhile. Of course nothing around this way. One came up here and it was in Jersey. No go for me to drive that one.:laugh: Minibikin Chad and Joe got together for me. Joe delivered it to Chad, Chad shipped it to me. Tadaaaa, and...
  11. thejoker

    wanted hs40 intake

    I'm looking for 2 hs40 intake. Preferably on the cheap. thanks Joe
  12. OND

    Joe Cocker...RIP

    Thanks for the memorys Joe...RIP.
  13. thejoker

    Cat Duster Front end needed

    I need a cat duster front end. Straight forks would be awesome. Thanks Joe.
  14. myjunk

    Rupp Go Joe body for sale

    Is this where I list the body I have for sale , or should it be in the minibike section of the classifieds? At any rate I have a spare Rupp Go Joe body that I would like to sell. It has its issues, but nothing a little time and fiberglass couldnt take care of. I am asking $80 and I cannot ship...
  15. thejoker

    Cat Duster Fenders needed

    Ok boy and girls, ladies and gentlemen. I need a decent set of jcPennys cat duster fenders. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Joe.
  16. From the side...

    From the side...

  17. Chrysler Engine

    Chrysler Engine

  18. Thing One

    Thing One

  19. Thing Two

    Thing Two

  20. 113_113