1. A

    Predator 212 flywheel (hemi)

    Does anyone have any tricks for removing the stock flywheel on a brand new motor. I would like to take it off asap so i can get the kids kart going.
  2. A


    Let me start by saying that i have spent some time researching and reading your site (and reading the rules). My kids kart that I got them through some recent bartering a while back has finally died. The stock subaru / robin 169cc 6.5hp motor was done. I know it would have been really...
  3. Iron Honky

    Lockley wrangler buckaroo

    Going to pick this up for the wife and kids to play with. Of course I might have to play too. Anyone ever have one?
  4. bluefoot

    Early Bonanza that my Grandpa bought for us when we were kids.

    I am new to the Form. I recently started rebuilding the Bonanza BC1000 minibike that my Grandpa bought for "the Grand kids" in the early 1960s. Which I am the oldest. The Badge number is 3438. I think that it is a BC1000.
  5. Broncco1978

    1969 Broncco before and after

    Went with the 79cc engine....Kids ride it too. Goes pretty well at top speed but sucks out of the gate. Gonna try a 72 tooth sprocket on the rear. Don't want to take the governor off due to the fact that the kids will blow it up! This thing is a blast to ride! Note to all who buy Predator...
  6. Jamie1972

    2015 Jamie1972 vintage class Manco Trailcat build off

    With three kids under the age of three! And a new job, I don't know if I will get this build off done by May? But we will see how it goes! Good luck everybody!
  7. murrayeliminator

    Picked this up...

    Funder Wheels Mini Model T truck.. Looks brand new, under 10 hours use.. built in 1989..:thumbsup: the grand kids love riding it. goes about 10 mph tops so save for the little one's to practice on..
  8. T

    Has anyone ever done a hydraulic front disc brake conversion on a Bonanza?

    Probably with parts from a small kid's Japanese M/C. Im having no luck searching this topic.
  9. K

    can you ID this kart?

    Was just given this as a fixer upper project for my kids. Does anyone recognize it?
  10. projectminibike

    Kids bike gearing and torque question

    Hello all, I'm piecing together another mini soon. I have been collecting parts from eBay and locally. This time I'm using a 3 horse Tec with 11.5" tires. The total gear ratio is 8.33:1 this is intentionally designed to top out at 15mph for my little squirts in the backyard and not burn up...
  11. OND

    Scrub Brake for Kids

    I need your honest opinion ! I'm building a little mini bike for my youngest grandsons 4 & 5 year olds..and there use to riding there little peddle bikes that have brakes by pushing backwards on the pedals. So what would you put on there mini ? Scrub brake, clutch brake or something else ...
  12. MikeBear

    Very talented kids rock out TOOL style!

    Teens: 46 and 2 by Tool / Presented by Aaron O'Keefe - YouTube Original from Tool: Forty Six & 2 - Tool - YouTube WOW! is all I can say to this....
  13. Jeff Clark

    Sundays.... Kids and Karts...

    Took the kids to the shop today to play on some Karts Hayden spotted a early 60's Go Kart 800 I just got waiting for a restoration he decided it needed a good beating.... why not... he had a blast beating that thing...
  14. biggwaukegan

    Kids Did It To Me Again

    Guys please...I mean please help me here..I go to California to visit my brother for 10 friggin days and I come home to this.... My dam Manco Streaker is actin up. Problem is when I start it, the dam thing wants to go, like its being revved up or something. Ive tried adjusting the carb, fuel...
  15. T

    Dam kids

    Hello to all. Kid didn't listen again. Pulling wheelies in the back yard and he put small kinks in the forks just below (1 1/8") bottom tree. Does any know of a bolt on set that would work on this mini. We tossed the 2.5 hp and put a 5hp flat head. I see you can't buy MBX11 front end yet which...
  16. MB165

    My kids TX-4 restore

    My son and I bought this Fantic colt from Leon at windber in 2011. My daughter learned to ride it last year, but isnt coming to this year, My son is just not ready to try it yet. So, Its tore down for a little refresh. Plans are to refinish the frame, rebuild engine, new tires, chain guard...
  17. 45t

    Kids say the darndest things

    So my 6 year old son asks me today: "Dad, why did you put the Christmas Tree in the corner, did it get in trouble?" :lol::lol::lol: Merry Christmas everyone. :xmas-smiley-016:
  18. R

    Took the kids to the track.

    I took my girls out to the track Saturday and let them experience their first time riding. My 8 year old rode the Murray Track 2 and my 6 year old stuck with her little trx70. The Murray might need some shocks soon. The front wheel wants to come off the ground on bumps. Girls 1st Time...

    My kids first mini!

    Well I Decided my kids need to start riding. My boy just got his training wheels off of his regular bike 6 months ago and has been riding very well. I have 2 girls also a6 and an 8 yr old. I picked up this mini frame from a guy and here we go. I really don't think they are ready for 2 wheels and...
  20. oldfatguy

    here's one for the kids

    BIRD MINIBIKE ARCADE KIDDIE RIDE it's going to take a lot of quarters to buy this one