1. Bikerscum

    How best to fill in this kind of frame erosion?

    Looks like the frame got rained on for many years. I gather it's not a candidate for powdercoating, better to paint? Just use body filler & sand it down, or is there something I'm missing? Would primer fill it? Thanks for the help...
  2. smallbikes88

    vespa pedal car kind of minibike?

    This is really cool for a kid and or hang it up? I bought this last year to retore for my girls but they are hard on thier bikes, so i am offering it up for sale. I can ship or bring it to windber. Its a super sonda vespa pedal car, Everything works nothing broken, just looks like it was...
  3. patrick2260

    what kind of wheels/sprocket are these from?

    Seems like I've seen these before. Can anyone identify these? I don't have dims...sorry. Thanks for any help!
  4. S

    What kind of frame is this?

    Can anybody tell by looking at this what kind of frame it is, IE; Rupp, Lil Indian, etc.:shrug:. Bought it for $50.00 with a 5hp Tecumseh, and fixed it up for the boy.
  5. J

    what kind of mini bikes?

    I have these two mini bikes (used to be my sons) in my garage and would like to know... "what kind are they"?
  6. deesel

    what kind of wheel is this?

    Can some one tell me what kind of wheel this is? Its a 5" on a Ruttman washer frame.
  7. 3

    anyone know what kind of bike this is?

    trying to figure out what kind of bike this so i can piece the rest of it together or if anyone knows what i still need for the front end thanks
  8. skidoo50

    What kind of mini is this?

    It has a sticker on it that says Fox,out of Wisconsin. Anybody?
  9. M

    Not sure what kind this is

    My brother picked up this minibike to start a new project. Any idea as to what model/year this might be?
  10. Toycartony

    What kind of Cat is this?

    Calling all Cats Guys I picked this up a couple of days ago. What do I have here?? My guess would be a Dominator??? All the tabs are original and it would have came with the gas tank, I have one and it bolted up to the existing tabs. The color under the repaint is that greenish yellow...
  11. maverick1

    New kind of Clutch?

    5 hp honda with new centrical cluch
  12. A

    Kind of a stupid question?

    I got a 79cc prdedator and I'm trying to hook up my throttle linkage. Every motor I've dealt with from 420cc predtators down to 200cc hondas has alread had the crimp style retainer for the cable housing. (is that the right teminology). Like this here: So, on the 79cc predator there...
  13. myjunk

    A one of a kind Rupp Centaur

    I have been working on this Rupp Centaur over the winter and finally have it all together so that I can show a few good pictures of it. I have done nothing to it to change it from the way it was delivered from the factory. Some of you may recall that I have posted a thread on this Rupp earlier...
  14. vwfan79

    What kind of kart?

    I posted in the what is it section but thought I would put it here too, trying to find out who made this kart. wh
  15. vwfan79

    What kind of kart?

    Picked this up with a lot of other stuff, any idea of the manufacturer?
  16. jspec

    what kind of manco

    The tag says its a manco and I'm thinking its a streaker, but not completely sure. Any thoughts? Got it for 60 bucks so I'm not complaining :smile:
  17. The Restore Kid

    This kind of headlight, chromey

    I dunno what it is.. Looks more like the Heald ones.. Maybe a Doray, but it's not marked I don't think.. Has a really neat cast aluminum base with two holes that bolts down, the light bolts into that and swivels or does up and down.. Pretty damn nice, shiny shine all over it.. No dents or...
  18. Tom S.

    We went kind of low key on the tree this year...

    We usually have a bigger tree, but this one is handy for those times when you just don't get around to setting one up for one reason or another. When Christmas is over, it will just go back on the top shelf of the closet, lights and all. :thumbsup: Let's see a photo of your tree. Merry...
  19. tundrabeagle3

    What kind of bike is this?

    Im guessing its a cat of some kind what do you guys think?
  20. M

    what kind of bike is this?

    Im pretty new to this. I cant find any markings on the bike. Its pretty cool. I stripped it down painted it and am currently working on building another motor for it, but the 3hp B&G gets it around pretty well. But if someone can identify the bike I would love to know Thanks, Morgan