1. B

    Charging circuit for 98cc Lifan flathead?

    I acquired a used Lifan flathead (side valve) engine, which I have installed on a bicycle (I know, not a minibike, but not sure where else to ask, figured you guys would know). I downloaded a doodlebug manual so I would know what type of oil to use and a couple other things. The manual shows a...
  2. Timmahhhhh

    2.5 97cc Lifan Questions

    Someone I know wants to sell me this 2.5 hp Lifan engine cheap,like 50 bucks. Is this a good engine? I figure if it's like new,it ought to run a small bike fairly nicely. Thanks for any replies.
  3. T

    Lifan 97cc parts needed

    Hi, Im trying to build a generator with the motor off my db30, I tore the motor apart and now Im looking for parts or maybe a whole motor if anyone has one cheap or free. but the parts I need are the crankcase gasket, valves, and the little cover things on the pushrods, Im not sure what they...
  4. Stephen115

    HF Blue Lifan (Greyhound) 5.5hp side cover

    I recently posted about a 5.5hp side cover, bought one and it didn't fit. talked to the seller and he determined I need a HF Blue Lifan (Greyhound) 5.5hp side cover. The side cover will come from this motor which has a 5 bolt valve cover like mine. If you think you have what I'm looking for...
  5. L

    lifan 6.5hp clone

    Does anyone know if this clone will accept gx200 mods like camshaft, rod, piston, flywheel...? and is the black mamba for the predator 212cc capable of being put in a gx200 or lifan clone?
  6. DORM

    Lifan with jackshaft speed issue

    Anyone out there have Lifan 4hp 160-F Engine, with a ProMod jackshaft 17/13tooth ,12t clutch ,70t rear sprkt. Everythings new,bike only dose 20mph.Is this normal? Some feed back would be highly appreciated.
  7. M

    CT70 engine swap Lifan 125

    First off i just dug an old honda ct70 out of a barn and i am not really up for trying to restore the engine to working order again. Therefore i would like to buy the lifan 125 for 200 bucks off amazon. From what ive heard it should just bolt right on correct? Second, what other things will i...
  8. dw1973

    Lifan 97cc engine wanted

    Looking for a new (pulled from Baja) or almost new good running 97cc engine. Will need shipped to 49235.
  9. Mean Dean

    Brand new 17 H.P. Custom built Lifan

    This is an all new cutom built 12:1 pump gas motor. Built to 17 H.P. Billet rod and flywheel. Degreed timing. Dyno cam F.275. 1.3 billet steel rockers. Dual springs. Aluminum retainers. Custom built fully ported head. Stainless steel Valves 27 -24. I will give you your choice of different Carb...
  10. Timmahhhhh

    Lifan vs Predator Recoil Starters

    I have a Greyhound 79cc clone that had a broken recoil-so I got one from a 99cc Predator. It bolted right on,and looked exactly the same-but when I pulled the rope,it made a grinding noise and did not engage the flywheel. But I am able to start it if I hold the recoil away from the flywheel a...
  11. Timmahhhhh

    Lifan/Greyhound Engine Mount Plate Wanted

    I recently got a 2.5 hp Greyhound engine that did not include the steel mounting plate bolted underneath the engine. Does anyone out there have one? Thanks for any reply.
  12. jon321

    Can the engine guard still be used with Lifan motor?

    Thinking about ditching the stock 72cc and go with a big block maybe a Lifan 140cc or a Piranha. Just wondering if the engine guard can still be used or if the motors are too big for it. Still wanna keep the stock look, kinda like a sleeper bike.
  13. jon321

    How much MPG is sacrifced with people putting in those Lifan motors?

    I just have the stock 72cc , some extra HP would be nice but how does the bigger CC's do on your fuel economy? What would be a nice motor upgrade for power but not too harsh on the fuel economy?
  14. D

    lifan dirtbike engine on a mini?

    Looking at building a custom project/chop. any thoughts on using one of the 125cc 4stroke lifan dirtbike engines on a mini?
  15. jeep4me

    13hp Lifan extra fuel line?

    I just acquired a brand new, never used 13hp lifan . However, the gas tank was removed to see how the motor fit on a minibike and the fuel lines weren't hooked up when I got it. The lower fuel connects to the main fuel inlet on the carb, that much I know. But, there is a second line that...
  16. S

    Lifan 6.5 hp engine won't start

    Hello,I have a Lifan 6.5 hp engine in my son's go kart.The engine doesn't have many hours on it and now suddenly it won't start.I've cleaned the carb and air filter also changed the oil.Normally this thing would start on one or two pulls and run fine.The other day while it was running it just...
  17. Rclinetx

    Lifan 6.5

    If the motor runs good and smooth but dies after you rev it up and it idles back down what would you do??
  18. metalhead100

    Lifan makes a twin?.....

  19. jeep4me

    6.5hp Lifan OHV

    Pulled this off from a minibike I had. It has very little use. Runs good. Includes header with exhaust. NO GAS TANK. The forward oil fill spout is damaged, possibly during shipping. Doesn't effect how it runs, but it does leak a little if the engine is tilted forward. Asking $75 shipped...
  20. R

    Throttle hook up help for 4HP 120cc OHV Lifan

    Anyone have this engine and have a photo of the throttle hook up? I have searched the forums, thanks!