1. 19honda69

    Bonanza MX lower fork question

    What was the factory finish on the lower forks on the MX bikes?
  2. D

    Vintage 70's Efenel lower frame assy NOS

    I have new in boxes 70's Efenel lower frame assays with kickstands. They have been stored in a dealership the last 40 years. Paint looks great, only $25 each with quantity discount. Average is $20 shipping
  3. Studeman68

    Heald Super Bronc lower fork tube

    Looking for one lower fork tube for my VT8 like the one pictured below. Will take a set if needed. Thanks!
  4. Midyrman

    Wanted: Bonanza MX Front Lower outer shock tubes

    Looking for a pair of the approx. 1.25 inch bottom outer shock tubes for an MX. Thanks. Tom
  5. S

    Looking for Bonanza Chopper Sissy Bar Lower Leg and Spring

    Only need left side but would buy both. Thanks
  6. M

    Front Springs,and upper and lower plugs, '67 Continental

    Is there anybody out there that has some front shock springs, upper and lower plugs for a '67 Rupp Continental? I have exhausted all of the parts outlets I know of and found the lower plug only. (Blackwidow Motorsports) No swap meets at all in my area. I thought OldMiniBikes would have a parts swap...
  7. Peekster

    Bonanza lower forks and springs

    Pair of lower forks and springs $50 plus shipping
  8. markus

    Sebac shock Long lower section wanted/trade

    Sebac shocks came in an array of sizes The typical 12/14 stamped series on the mini bikes the lowers is what made the length changes. I am looking for a match to longer than normal one I have or a good pair of them even maybe. Its only a 1/4" longer, but it would make all the difference for...
  9. buckeye

    Lower Alabama Spring Fling..

    Word has it, there may be a little sumpin, sumpin..in the works for March/Aprilish. Track has new promoter and am in early stages of negotiations. Any interest???
  10. Ajf

    Rupp 1970 up rear lower shock tube

    I need 1 rupp shock or just the lower black tube. I need to replace one that has a twisted eyelet and chain rash. I need at least the tube to be in good condition. Thanks
  11. buckeye

    2nd Annual Lower Alabama Fall Meet

    What ya'll thunk? Do it again only bigger and better? Oval track is in great shape. They been racin on it so smooth smooth smooth.. Throwing around dates with the Southeast guys. Thinking September 26th. Same place. Deep South Speedway, Loxley, Al. Interest? Dates? How many folks...
  12. S

    lower sprocket guard question

    I am wondering if anyone has a lower sprocket guard installed because it seems like a really smart idea to me but I can't find one the right size, I measured my sprocket and it's a 60 tooth measuring 10" across, where do I find a guard that big? The biggest I can find is 9". I've also seen sine...
  13. I

    taco lower fork springs

    2 taco lower leg springs. used patina shape ... i can send pics to a cell if necessary i am too lazy to upload pics. so pm me your cell number if you want pics. or bug me.. for them :thumbsup: just the springs 40 shipped ....... let me know if you are interested and i can work with you if you...
  14. D

    OK without lower shroud?

    I was wanting to know if anyone runs without the lower shroud, and if it would run hot or if it would be fine? Thanks
  15. jimfountain

    Tote Gote model 530

    Looking for drive gears, shaft, brake parts, and foot pegs (steel part not the cover) I have a rolling chassis, but sometime along the way the upper jack shaft, gears, and lower drive gears and bearings were lost. I am in Michigan, this is a project with my grand kids. Best regards, Jim...
  16. 125ccCrazy

    wanted engine plate for TH or Nanza and TH lower fork legs

    Trail Horse or Bonanza engine plate, must be in good shape or very repairable.. no boogered up slots... Also looking for good TH lower fork legs..
  17. detroit313

    Please help!!

    Hi.I have a 22mm Mikuni carb on a 212 predator.My question is how do i tune it to idle at lower rpm?Right now its idleing at 3250 rpm, and my clutch engages at 3000 rpm. So it takes off by itself.
  18. kruger

    new 4" & 6" tires sale

    I have 3sets of new archson tires, they are new never mounted or used. 4.10/3.50-6 ,4.10/3.50-4 & 9 x 3.50-4 i'll take $50 a set shipped to lower 48.
  19. mlanzoni

    Tecumseh Exhaust

    Tecumseh exhaust. Very little use. Came off H60-75354J. Very good condition. Free Shipping to lower 48 states. $15.00
  20. D

    WTB: Rupp Continental Lower Forks (Struts)

    I am look for a set of straight lower forks (struts) to fit a Rupp Continental.