1. E

    John Deere Super Bronc on Craigslist in Michigan

    This one looks like it's in pretty decent shape. https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/for/d/john-deere-bike/6211440334.html
  2. danford1

    Who from South East Michigan is going to Windber?

    Who from South East Michigan is going to Windber? I need to have a Hilltopper minibike moved from here to Windber. I can probably bring it to your house before you leave. I can give you a few bucks to do it too. Let me know. Thanks Danford1
  3. aarron

    Taco t100 for sale in michigan!!

    This T100 just popped up about 2 hours ago on the Toledo CL! Some one jump on it! :thumbsup: https://toledo.craigslist.org/mcy/6154584865.html
  4. danford1

    Transporting a minbike from southeast Michigan to Windber

    I'm selling a Hilltopper minibike and the buyer wants to pick it up at Windber. I'm not sure if I can make it to Windber... In case I can't take it there myself, I would like a back up plan. Is there anyone from Michigan going to Windber that has room for another minibike? I live in White Lake...
  5. chicodafreako

    explorer trike for sale in michigan $600

  6. danford1

    Help moving a minibike from Central Pennsylvania to Michigan

    I live in White Lake Michigan about an hour north of Toledo Ohio. There is a minibike in central Pennsylvania (Freeburg) that I bought. Is there anyone traveling this direction in the next few days? I could meet them somewhere if needed. Let me know. Thanks Danford1
  7. chopperbunch

    Michigan town wants nothing to do with minibike scene...

    Mini bike shop is leaving Taylor, Michigan, as the poster of this CL ad claims the town will not renew his business license. This is especially interesting considering the new OldMiniBikes location poll. I wonder where this business will move. Can one city handle two mini bike operations...
  8. Xander

    Any word on the Michigan mini bike event that is in May?

    I read about the May Michigan mini bike event. It is smaller than Windber but within NE Ohio range. Xander
  9. U

    Heald Trail Bike on Craigslist...northern Michigan

    Just posting this Craigslist ad I came across for any of you that may be interested. Trail Bike
  10. Hoagie

    New old guy from Michigan

    Hello all. I am the proud new owner of a Cat 250x. I bought it for my twin granddaughters, and guess who was the first to ride it? Anyway, I started doing research on my, er, their bike and came across this site. I am sure the knowledge here will come in handy. Thank you for the chance to join.
  11. J

    New Boonie Bike owner- S.W. Michigan

    Just picked up this Heathkit Boonie Bike from a co-worker. Said he has this minibike that ran last year but couldn't get it started this year, his kid didn't ride it that much anyway and I could have it cheap. I wasn't really looking for a minibike but figured maybe I should go have a look at...
  12. Cubenzo

    '72 Arctic cat Ramrod in MIchigan

    '72 Arctic cat Ramrod. As seen condition.. wrong carb, no clutch cover. Missing one brake lever/cable. Missing air filter. Missing kickstand. Missing original throttle/grip. Kickstand mount has a weld. Exhaust pipe has been welded/jbweld?. Frame shows pitting from rust. I have headlight assembly...
  13. Timmmaahh

    michigan law on titleing mini bikes

    Was at secretary of state yesterday reading while i waited, orv brochure which says mini bikes,4 wheelers,anything,must be titled before getting orv sticker in mi.you have to get police to verify vin.SOS check for previous titles,and apply for title.the cop said,without title you cant prove you...
  14. H

    Newbie in Michigan

    Hi everyone, I got the hankerin' to relive my childhood. I'm sure some one out there knows that feeling! I had what I think was some kind of bonanza 1400 and had a ball with it. Blue, with a tank, headlight, and brake lights. It might have been one of those bonanza with a hodaka engine at one...
  15. Mark G

    Michigan events

    Are there any shows or events coming up in Michigan?
  16. RuppChopperPaul

    Old School Minibike Holiday Swap! Saturday January 2, 2016 - Redford Michigan

    This Saturday. From Craigslist: Old School Minibike will be having its Holiday PARKING LOT SWAP and SALE, Saturday January 2, 2016 from 10-3. Rain, Snow or Shine! Free lunch served from 11-2. Old School Minibike 12015 Telegraph Rd. Redford MI 48239. Come on out to ring in the...
  17. S

    any powdercoating in michigan

    Is there anyone in west michigan who does powdercoating for the minis? Im currently setting up my powdercoating shop and need some stuff done so ill have to have it done. Thanks guys!!
  18. Cloneguy

    titles/paperwork. - i am so stupid

    so, I have 4 bikes. 2 Baja DB30s, a Baja warrior and a motovox mbx10. the last 2 I got quite some time ago and the last 2 within the last 2 weeks. I never got any papers with them, they were all secondhand. here in Michigan, to get a 'title' so you can get a trail sticker you need an...
  19. theredlineboss

    New member in Michigan

    Hello! I've been lurking on the site for a bit and felt an urge to whip up a quick intro (it's almost like the site kept telling me to do so, lol). I know that us forum dwellers like pics, so I've whipped up a few: At any rate, I hail from Taylor, MI and have actually owned a minibike for...
  20. J

    jiveturkey1 from sw michigan

    Hey there. I'm a carpenter by trade. Been interested in mini bikes most of my life but haven't really had a running one in quite a while. I have a boonie bike that I'd like to get running and will be tapping into the knowledge of you guys and girls here to help me. Thanks in advance!! Other...