mickey bike

  1. Screenshot_20200809-101023.jpg


    Mickey Thompson badge
  2. racer756

    Mickey Bike for sale.

    Hello, I bought this to restore years ago, and life has taken me a different direction. basically a complete project. I have repop clutch cover and serial badge. Extra wheels n tires also. asking $1500.00 or best offer. prefer usps money order or bank cashiers check drawn on legit bank...
  3. Lizardking

    Mikey bike on ebay

    Fellow mini biker is selling his Mickey Thompson mini bike on ebay !!!
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    Mickey Thompson
  5. 20200712_145406.jpg


    Mickey Thompson
  6. 20200617_204503.jpg


    Mickey Thompson
  7. 20200617_204445.jpg


    Mickey Thompson
  8. 20200617_204433.jpg


    Mickey Thompson
  9. slywilliez

    " ohio George " Mickey bike tribute

    I got my mickey bike around a year ago and I always wanted my mickey bike look like the mickey bike that " Ohio George " sold at the RM auction in 09. If you don't know much about " Ohio George" he was a huge part of East coast drag racing from the 50's to the mid 70's. His drag cars were...
  10. MiniBikeTodd

    a few lil indians and a mickeybike

    hey guys here are some little indians and a mickeybike, hope oldminibikes crew has been holdin' it down!!!!!!!