1. G

    Camshaft, am I missing something?

    I took this engine (Tecumseh HS40) apart nearly 10 years ago and have no memory of the disassembly process. Anyways, the repair manual talks of a component called the "compression release mechanism" on some engines and as there is a hole machined into the gear (see below) I'm concerned that I...
  2. mmisterbungl

    Am I missing something here???

    Honda 50cc!---- Sport Mini Bike The prices seem a little :out::out::out::doah::doah::confused:
  3. A

    Missing Chain for Cat 250 x

    Hey everyone, I have a Cat 250 x all oringinal I believe. But it is missing its chain. Can anyone give me info on replacing it? Thank you for any help.
  4. P

    Baja Heat jackshaft missing parts?

    Newbie alert: What am I missing and where can I get it? Looks like there should be some kind of adjuster on that stud. Also when I took off the cover the top bolt in the upper left corner almost fell off. It had oil on it. I tightened it up and most of the others as they were not real...
  5. Telecomgear

    Clone shaft part missing

    Like an idiot, I lost that metal part that fits into the shaft on my clone engine when I started her up for the first time.:blink: I believe it's the part that fits into the "keyed" shaft? I'm not sure what it's called, but I'll need to replace it. Where can I get this part?
  6. C

    Missing Lash Cap- Problem or no?

    I have a 6.5 clone with 18lb valve springs and I notice that the Lash cap is missing on the intake valve. Is this going to be a problem?
  7. chadillac

    one lash cap missing

    hey has anyone had a lash cap fall off the valve and go inside the engine cause I seem to be missing one. is that possible. or did I just miss place it.
  8. wayne

    missing persons

    hay guys around mass,enebody know starsandstriper AKA jimmy,i dont know if he went on a vaction-joind the army,was kidnaped,if you know or have a idea please pm me or get him to pm me,i have someting of his,thanks. i might haft to get charley chan to help me.:scooter::scooter:
  9. Vaxian

    Missing Air Filter Rant

    :doah: Why when I buy a used engine does it inevitably NEVER have an air filter on it!!!!!?????!!!!! :confused: :mad2::out: Am I the only one experiencing this phenomena? Anyone have a clue why? I live in the south so I picture some redneck somewhere taking it off and slinging it in the...
  10. wayne

    missing persons

    mike04 is he lost ?
  11. 5

    New Briggs 5hp breather plate - missing hose fitting - $10 shipped

    New Briggs 5 hp breather plate without hose fitting, $10 shipped.
  12. markus

    HS35 carb-whats missing here????

    Think I found at least one problem as to why the Rupp would not run. I would guess that its just a service plug thats missing, but I have nothing to compare it to so I'll ask before I make a plug and seal it up! Sorry, my camera will not do close ups:confused: just above and to the left...