Steel in Motion, Union Dragway, Union, SC

    Just wanted to post this up for those who might like to attend. They have a swap meet, drag race, car show, bicycle show and a minibike show. Went last year and it was worth the trip. There were several minibikes in the show and quit a few for sale. Don't think I can make it this year unless we...
  2. R

    Masters of motion Clutch...PLEASE HELP

    Can someone please walk me through how to install a masters of motion centrifugal clutch. I dont understand why the two pieces slide right apart and there are no hex washers to hold it on to the crank shaft. Im dying over here. PLease help!!!
  3. D

    Masters of Motion go kart rebuild

    My Son and I are fixing up a Masters of Motion 416K-01 go kart. We have it running but need a drive wheel and assembly. The hub has broken off the wheel. Need a sprocket and chain as well. I'm having trouble finding the stock parts online. Any help pointing me in the right direction to...
  4. O

    Masters Of Motion ??????

    I picked up a mini for my 10 yr old and I really cant find anything out about the company or this bike. It has a sticker that says Masters Of Motion on it but I cant seem to find any info about them. I saw a reference to Manco Masters Of Motion, so is it Manco? Are they any good and can...
  5. G

    Steel In Motion @ Shadyside Dragway, Shelby N.C. 05/21/2011 (Mini Bike Show and Drags

    Due to running out of space at our previous location, we are moving Steel in Motion to Shadyside Dragway in Shelby N.C. May 21, 2011 Steel In Motion "Hot Rods & Guitars" Shelby, North Carolina at Shadyside Dragway Pre-70 Traditional Hot Rods, Gassers, Kustoms, and Beaters...
  6. machinebike

    Centrifigal clutch: Masters of motion

    Has anyone tried this on their briggs? they sell these at Tractor supply co.