1. E

    97cc running issues, looking for input.

    I know, I know, just swap it out for a 212. But I already have the 97 and I'm trying to complete this one on the cheap. Before I got it the motor hadn't run in years. The gas tank and carb were gummed with varnished gas. I grabbed a replacement carb off Amazon and a new gas tank. The motor...
  2. C

    SnowCo Farm Scat

    I picked this up for $100, seem to be mostly original and runs great. someone painted the bed white but it is green underneath. I know they are rare but I want to know more about it or where to get parts.
  3. Dans1970Z20

    NOS New Briggs Raptor 3 in Briggs Motor Sports Tote 135230

    Finally got around to digging out my Raptor 3 engine crate, taking pictures and listing it on eBay. Any questions let me know. Have decided I will never get to my Bonanza project...
  4. O

    Briggs & Stratton 5 HP

    No Longer Available.
  5. 1971 Rupp Roadster Motor

    1971 Rupp Roadster Motor

    2018 Build-off
  6. kyle moody

    aggie 97 motor

    What is the correct engine for aggie 97
  7. M

    Yerf Dog 3206 motor

    Hello guys i have a Yerf Dog 3206 with a dead gy6 150cc motor. Have any of you done a swap with a predator motor?
  8. G

    What Motor is this Please??

    I would like to know if this is a 5 or 6.5HP motor and who made it? I do not see any ID on it anywhere and also would like to know the best replacement carb to put on here. I want a Mikuni with the angled intake so it point to the rear and not at an angle. Thanks for any help.
  9. jaimenv

    BS 5HP pressure washer donor motor.

    Yes it is a scrap yard find. So far it looks good as a spare motor for one of my minis. There is a small blemish in the upper end of the cylinder yet you can still see original honing swirls on the cylinder walls. Best thing I like is the engine cover has bolt bosses for the pressure washer...
  10. J

    Champion motor?

    Any experience on the Champion brand motors? Home Depot has the 389cc with electric start for $275. Champions generators seem to hold up pretty well, I assume the motors will too? Parts should be readily available. Thoughts?
  11. FOMOGO

    Go Kart angled motor mounts

    I am looking at motor mounts and see on BMI that there are several different angles from 0 to 15 degrees. What is the purpose of the different angles? What does angling the motor accomplish? There has to be a technical reason for this. I would like to understand the theory behind it. Thanks...
  12. P

    Crankshaft for Tecumseh HS40 motor

    Looking for a crankshaft for Tecumseh HS40 for my 1970 Rupp Roadster. Crank needs to be 3 inches on clutch side. Thanks
  13. J

    Keystone 50cc Tas Motor Bk-3

    Was trying to get this bike running and broke off the fuel petcock. now i am stuck - shit! Don't think i will be able to replace.
  14. ole4

    Building a non hemi predator Test Motor

    I am starting a thread on a non hemi predator motor. This engine came off a Kart my nephews kids race on a kart in my backyard. It was a stock Non Predator engine and I never had an interest in it as I find the hemi to be a much better platform for my engine builds. The reason for this is that I...
  15. T

    Wanted Tecumseh HS50 motor with lighing coil

    Hunting for an HS 50 for our AC - Gilson mini-bike. Prefer a good- running one, but consider one that needs rebuilt! Also prefer one with lighting coil.
  16. T

    can you fit a preditor motor with torque converter in a bonanza bc1200

    can you fit a preditor motor with torque converter in a bonanza bc1200 frame with jackshaft?:confused:
  17. james ackerman

    Power products h-58 engine, with motor mount.

    Recoil, doesn't catch starter cup, I assume that it needs new paws on the recoil. Did run before recoil stopped grabbing. Cw rotation at the crank. $175 plus shipping.
  18. KMC3420

    Hemi Predator motor

    I have for sale a brand new Hemi predator. It does have an ARC flywheel with minimal use. The flywheel is for non hemi predator, and I do have the correct non hemi crank to use with the motor. As you can see it does have a dished piston at 0 deck height, I also have the flattop piston...
  19. David wulf

    Mild predator build ( cruising motor )

    Here we go again with this motor . She was originally build for the super Powell had a CL1 cam billet rod and flywheel, head was ported and mill 80 thou , pretty much just stock . This motor was bought back in 2011 it was run for 10 min and never run again till last year . What I've found out...
  20. T

    212 pred. motor in new style DB

    I'm having a hard time trying to get my 212 hemi pred. to fit in new style DB. Valve cover is hitting frame hoop in front of rear tire(where the fender bolts to). I tried the PMR adjustable motor mount- not even close, so I removed it. Then I cut the head off the front oil drain plug, slotted it...