1. 20190519_144740.jpg


    Fenders and gastank mounted.
  2. bigevilone2

    Early Powell Maybe Saape shifter engine mounted

    Early Powell shifter that bolts to engine. The gate is a new repro by Scottessy that he made for me. The shifter could use a little tweaking but will work. The bolt that holds it to the engine is included. Price is $100.00 shipped PAYPAL ONLY ! Thanks for looking.
  3. creia

    What minibikes had Briggs engines with front mounted tanks?

    Lots of them came with the rear-mounted tanks with the "Pulsa-Jet" (diaphragm) carb. Did any come from the factory with the front-mounted tank and "Flo-Jet" (float bowl) carb? Which ones were they? Michael
  4. S

    4" disk for jackshaft mounted brake

    any one have a 4" approx disk for a 5/8" or 3/4" jackshaft mounted mechanical disk brake or where to get or make one? thanks
  5. Outlaw Ace

    Front mounted cargo rack?

    Has anyone got a vintage mini with a rack on the forks? I'd like to see a few examples because I plan on one for my neighborhood cruiser Bird Wren, I have some shopping carts I can cut stuff off one. The place (my 70yo buddy's house)where I drink and tell lies is less than a block from my house...
  6. C

    Fuel tank mounted
  7. JohnnyTillotson

    Side mounted tank installation

    Hey does anyone know the best way to figure out where the holes in the blower housing go? You can try just putting the bracket on but then you're not quite sure the tank will sit right.
  8. Midyrman

    Gas Cap - Guage / Fiberglass Top Mounted Tank

    Looking for an original gas cap-gauge for my BC1400. Thanks Tom
  9. Midyrman

    Bonanza 1400 BC

    Did ALL the 1400s come with the top mounted plastic gas tank? Or did some come with the engine mounted gas tank? Thanks. Tom
  10. JohnnyTillotson

    Side mounted gas tank bracket

    Does anyone have this blower housing mounted tank? Can you let me know how its mounted? I see the attached part (27780) and they are calling it a reinforcement. Is it mounted with three screws right through the blower housing and this reinforcement piece into tankđ?
  11. Hec In Omaha

    Tire recommendations Please!

    Here is the story. I purchased 3 tires on Ebay for my Azuza side car build. The 3.50-8" tires are Chinese and I have learned that they are not very good in quality. Imagine that! All tires are mounted on 8" Azuza Tri Star Rims. The problem I am having is they all wobble. The rims are...
  12. tippycanoenm

    on cl......a real lil indian?

    this looks like it has a bonanza swingarm and shocks mounted to it............
  13. 1stlegendtx

    What year bonanza used this cable guide for the rear brake cable ?

    The bike also has forward mounted foot pegs .
  14. T

    Rupp cub tecumseh motor

    wtb the correct engine for a 1968 Rupp cub Tecumseh with the gas tank mounted on the shroud :scooter:
  15. hemigremmy

    Side engine mounted kart?????

    I am working with a friend of mine on a project and was wondering if anybody on here has a kart with the engine that is mounted beside the seat. I am needing to pick somebody's brain, ask some questions, get some measurements and dimensions, ask some more questions, and say "Why?" a whole bunch...
  16. we4amigos

    Tires Tires- Snow Hawgs & Goodyears NOS both 6". CHEAP !

    Making room & freeing up cash for my next Tri Sport . First I found one more pair of NOS Dico-Titan (Goodyears) 4.10-6" Universal/ Sawtooth tread. These are brand new and never mounted original equipment tires for late '60 thru '70's mini bikes. A great find that I was saving for a 1961 Bug...
  17. Not so mini bike

    Rupp turbine wheels?

    I found these on eBay. They are listed as a set. The one looks different to the other. Is that bc it needs a sprocket mounted to it. The pattern is deffinently different. I sent the seller a message and he assured me they are the same. Any help?
  18. SimpleTom

    General Appliance/Trail Horse/Trail Blazer guys, check this out

    I bought this owners manual off ebay because it looked different than the copies of the other manual that Glenn Baine was selling. So when I got it in the mail I didn't expect to find these cool differences and options available. First is the luggage carrier which I have seen a few real...
  19. Not so mini bike

    NOS Carlisle sawtooths

    Set of NOS Carlisle double Indian head double sided 6" saw tooths. 4.10/3.50-6 Never used or mounted. Asking $80 shipped for the set
  20. markus

    Bonanza Chrome Chainguard BC

    repro chrome chainguard for a bonanza BC and 4 stroke MX came from evil ed and Dino never mounted or used $175+$12.50 price is firm