1. 125ccCrazy

    Robin 6.5 ohv, what parts interchange?

    I just picked up a kart with a 6.5 Robin ohv, I havent torn it down, just cleaning all the gook off the outside for now, my question is, what if any internal parts "i.e rod, piston, cam" will fit this engine?? from the outside it has some characteristics of a Briggs Intek and then also some...
  2. Orson_Yancey

    Any thoughts on why there are no Rupp Clones?

    I would really like to see some manufacturers producing brand new Rupp clones. I read that in 1998, the Honda patents on the mini trails expired. It was not long afterward, several Chinese companies starting producing clones of the famous Honda mini trails. Does anyone have thoughts on why we...
  3. 125ccCrazy

    2 new carbs for 6.5 and 13 hp ohv, stock 13hp muffler

    I have two new carbs, both were taken off the engines right out of the boxed to be replaced with mikunis... One is off a gx200 6.5 clone and the other is a gx390 13hp clone carb.... I also have a new gx390 muffler and manifold, also removed from new engine..... Taking offers or possible...
  4. Atlas