1. H

    Buying & Selling on OldMiniBikes.com

    Just to clear some current confusion, if you plan to sell on OldMiniBikes.com as a "business" or in a way that you're consistently making money from the forum, whether it's from used parts, bikes, or new parts I'm going to ask that you become a Vendor. For the past few years I have let people...
  2. H

    OldMiniBikes.com / OldMiniBikes.com YouTube

  3. H

    9 years for OldMiniBikes.com !

    I saw another thread about mini bike anniversaries and I thought about it....we were so busy this spring that I think I forgot to mention that the Forum is 9 years old! (May/06) - (Warehouse 3/10!) How many people are still around from 2006? Click the poll. Thanks to everyone who made the...
  4. KustomKartKid

    The Jacked Up & Modified Flexo / GKC Thread

    The Go Kart Cycle / Flexo. Spawn of the go kart racing scene and one on the earliest true mini bikes to be mass produced. The original "pit bike". Perhaps no other mini bike has suffered more indignities at the hands of shade tree mechanics, backyard engineers and "the kid who borrowed his...
  5. L

    new to oldminibikes.com

    Well having sold my first bike 38 years ago a dmp delhi metal products mini bike.. While at a bike show in Toronto Ontario 10 years ago my son spotted one for sale, most of it was there but in rough shape. I passed it up and the next one I saw was in Welland and I believe it was filthyrich, a...
  6. SimpleTom

    Looking Wayback to the beginnings of OLDMINIBIKES.COM

    I like using this Wayback machine website. I took a look at OLDMINIBIKES.COM. Pretty cool to see the evolution of the site. Internet Archive Wayback Machine
  7. H

    OldMiniBikes.com User Map No Longer Works

    OldMiniBikes.com Lets try this again. Add yourself to the map to see who's local to you! The last one we had went away when the site who ran it decided to cancel the service. :shrug:
  8. milldew

    Any one sport a OLDMINIBIKES.COM decal?

    I got got my Vinyl transfer decal and stuck it to my mini bike. Any one else ever do this?.
  9. manchester1


    Are there any t-shirts for sale yet???:shrug: I saw some great designs last week on the site. :thumbsup:
  10. minibikefreak

    oldminibikes.com should make a iphone ipod touch app

    im always on my iphone and i would love to go on this site everywhere i know i can go on it on safari but i think an app would be cool:shrug:
  11. H

    OldMiniBikes.com Maintenance

    I will be doing some minor upgrades and fixing tonight so the site will be down for a couple hours... Just thought I'd give you a heads up. :thumbsup:
  12. C

    Oldminibikes.com facebook Group

    Although I am aware that many of the members on this site are not young, they still may have Facebook accounts. I think that it would be cool to have a facebook group that only OldMiniBikes members can join. just a thought. Who thinks that this is a good/bad idea. (I am aware that would need Hent's...
  13. H

    OldMiniBikes.com Decals / Stickers

    I'm placing another order for decals. Lets hear what sizes you guys would like. I currently have 5/8" x 8" in black What other colors do you want to see? Different sizes? Anyone interested in the logo from the top of the site, or just a "OLDMINIBIKES.COM" decal ? Once I get some more...
  14. 440dakota


    Honestly I think this is by far the best web site ever! Its like a big family of minibike people, From adults to kids and anything in between. If it wasn't for this A+++ site id have no idea what my minis are nor where to find the correct parts. Ive meet alot of nice folks on here and plan on...
  15. H

    OldMiniBikes.com Email?

    After some lame results on the MBOTM polls, I've considered sending out a monthly email to help get people vote, and remind them about the forum. I know that getting e-mails like that can be annoying, however, you would simply be able to opt-out by editing your options in your user control...