1. OND

    ** Happy Birthday Outlaw Ace **

    :happybday: Happy Birthday Outlaw :happybday: I hope you have a great day !:thumbsup:
  2. T-Town Mini

    The Outlaw

    Check it out: https://youtu.be/36dVm7I8ZMA https://youtu.be/8jI7AjB9hr4 Yup.
  3. FloridaMiniBikes

    Lil Indian Outlaw II part out

    Tecumseh 6HP OHV OHH60 With Clutch Castrol 30 and 89 non ethanol for approx 2hours & 5 miles run time. Nice engine and clutch setup, just overkill for this frame. $200 local Pickup or $250 Pro Shipped USA 48 States. Lil Indian II Outlaw Chopper front forks, risers, & handlebars...
  4. OND

    Happy Birthday Outlaw Ace

    Happy Birthday Outlaw Ace, hope ya have a great day !:happybday:
  5. J

    lil'indian outlaw 2

    I just picked this up from a fella in Taylor Michigan He said he had put it together for his son about 20 years ago but he never got interested and it just sat. He did a great job building it 6 hp Tecumseh ohv with a comet converter that runs flawlessly. After a few minor adjustments. it...
  6. fletchman77

    TEXAS May 23 - Showdown at the Hoedown - RACES

    May 23rd 2015 22000 Fairground RD Hempstead TX 77445 Texas Outlaw Minibikes aka TOMB is hosting our first minibike races at the Texas Hoedown. Flat track style in the open arena. Prize money for best costume too. The crazier the better. Bikes must be pull start "traditional" style...
  7. flattire

    Front forks Help

    Hey was wondering what type of forks these are? a man told us lil Indian outlaw but we don't know
  8. D

    1969 Lil Indian outlaw chopper

    So I have a 1969 Lil Indian outlaw chopper. Don't know much about these other than heard they are rare.A nyone with knowledge on this bike able to pm me or call or text I have a couple questions about it thank you 607-382-4375 Dan
  9. D

    original lil Indian outlaw frame

    I have a 69 lil Indian outlaw frame was going to restore but don't really have time. Trying to see if anyone with more knowledge on this bike has idea what it's worth around I know it's rare but not looking to make a fortune just don't wanna ask to much or too little thanks And I have...
  10. B

    Blitz Kart WTB

    Guys, Anyone out there have a Blitz or Outlaw kart they want to sell? PM me if you do. Thanks Brian
  11. outlaw fab shop

    2014 outlaw fab shop/pro chassis minibike

    2014 build with about 20 passes on it…. 650 polaris triple triple motor and drive (122 hp) wilwood brakes hoosier 15x7-8 slick with douglas wheel aluminum fuel cell RACE READY TURN KEY!!! $2800 or best offer posting for owner bryan -313-932-9156 detroit area on c/l under...
  12. B

    Lil Indian Outlaw II Chopper

    Just picked this up an hour ago. Gotta love choppers!
  13. Harleys Papa

    Happy Birthday Outlaw Ace

    Happy Birthday Andy :thumbsup:
  14. J

    1969 Lil''Indian Outlaw chopper

    This is my 1969 Lil"Indian Outlaw...very rare...It took about 3 months to paint and build it,and 3 years to find the parts to to it with.It is as close to original as i could get it.Its painted in hok candy grape...just trying to preserve a little Detroit history.I hope to guys like it...
  15. YOOP

    lil indian outlaw chopper

    lil Indian outlaw mini bike
  16. spyder_ryder

    71 outlaw chopper

    I have had my outlaw chopper since i was 13 now im kinda bored with the way it looks. (do not read any further if your a purist) I was wondering has anyone on here ever modified the frame. Im thinking about having it stretched 3-6 inches. Having the rear end widened to accept a wider tire and...
  17. J

    Lil'Indian outlaw chopper

    This is my newest project!! Im more in gathering mode at this point. it's a lil'indian outlaw chopper I belive this is the first of three versions of an outlaw chopper,nos never built,and it's really cool. I got it from a fella down south..Im gonna need some help,anyone is welcome to chime in...
  18. trailhopper

    For Outlaw Ace

    Since the Outlaw is an Okie I thought he might appreciate this brochure of Micro Cycle out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had heard of the Rebel but not the Drifter or the Cyclone. I saw this brochure on Ebay last week and just had to snag it. Enjoy!!
  19. Mean Dean

    Lil Indian Outlaw II Chopper

    This one was built about 8 years ago. It and all parts were all new bought from Lil Indian. It comes with a NOS Tecumseh 5 H.P. and a Comet Tav 2 converter. Frame numbers are 0500 and 67 250. All new from the older casting wheel molds. It has never had gas or oil in it. Cost me back then almost...
  20. kzhorse

    Lil Indian outlaw questions

    I have a 1970 outlaw chopper I am working on and need info and pictures of the kick stand,The bike I have has no indication of ever having one.And I am installing a jackshaft plate and would like some info on what would be the best size sprockets to use.It has a 10 tooth clutch and a 48 tooth...