1. C

    Pack mule

    I don't personally own this bike but it's at a snowmobile shop I go to. He has it tucked away and told me he wants to fix it up one day and ride it around the swap meets to pick up parts. I have tried to get him to sell it but he won't budge. It's in the middle of the picture in the back of the...
  2. Sprocket86

    CDI coil pack issues

    Could a defective CDI coil pack cause a lack of higher RPM's but other wise run fine at idle and slower RPM's? Something is not quite right with my Lawn Boy Duraforce 2 cycle engine that I have adapted for use on my Sprocket mini bike. The CDI coil pack high tension lead was pinched and I...

    A somewhat epic 4th of July pack rat nest removal. (Arizona style)
  4. joebiodiesel

    Drive X Pack Mule

    I picked up a Drive X Pack Mule today at the minibike show in Eden, NC. Like others before me, I thought it was a Tote Gote, but I don't care that it isn't. The drive belt doesn't look close to correct. It should be much wider, no? Anyone know what size, or how I figure it out? Know where...
  5. Old_iron

    Pack Mule roller

    This one has the fold down forks (2 bolts), and the extending rear frame for more storage. $200 Shipping UPS - You can check rates from Spokane WA. I can weigh it if you need. Fastenal - I've used them before for large and heavy shipments and I was happy. Last time I paid $125 for about...
  6. K

    Pack mule roller F/S

    Pack mule almost complete bike I have a 3hp B&S motor for it it's the right type tank in front updraft carb 3/4" shaft but it's the wrong vintage looks like it would run. The bike is a complete roller barn find sat in the storeroom of a rock quarry for 20 years or more? tire's are good I don't...
  7. Andre' Blaze'

    Fabing up a 6 pack holder !

    Wats up yall ! Been sick so dats why I have not been around ! But now feeling a bit better. here i geaux again !! more parts ! lol
  8. J

    Tote Goat Pack Mule

    Here an original one for the Tote Goat Pack Mule fans. 60s Tote Gote Drive X Packmule
  9. P

    Pack Mule Project

    Well I'm finally getting started on my Pack mule. I'll be taking it apart and sand blasting the entire bike. I'm not sure on the color scheme yet. Also, wanting to add some lights. I purchased this from a kid a true barn fine unfortunately he had removed the engine. I;m trying to figure out...
  10. S

    Pack mule

    Up for sale is a DRIVEX CO. Pack mule that is located in Kawkawlin, MI. The price is $500 and available for local pick up only. The engine is not locked up but didn't try to fire.
  11. 1

    DriveX pack mule with track?

    I have enjoyed reading the posts on the earlier topic of 3-wheeled minibikes. I didn't want to hijack the thread in any way, so decided to start a new one to ask specifically about the packmule. I've seen picks of the packmule with the tandem wheel and track set-up. Does anyone have a packmule...
  12. KustomKartKid

    The OldMiniBikes All-Terrain, Trail Bike, Pack Mule, Tote Gote & Utility Bike Thread

    Gotes, Mules, Broncs, Burros, Jaks,'s a place to post up those rugged, utilitarian machines that go where no ordinary mini bike dares to go. Think you got what it takes to mess with this guy? Post it up!
  13. hemigremmy

    1969 tote gote/ pack trac

    There is one on American restoration right now. $6500 to redo the whole thing, OUCH!!!
  14. bigevilone2

    Damn Pack rat neighbor !

    This is my neighbors back yard and garage. This s:censure: caught fire at 1:30 in the morning and the Fire Dept. had to knock down my front fence and use my yard to put the fire out. She had so much stuff in her driveway they couldn't access through her property. Luckily nothing burned in my...
  15. jon321

    Anyone here pack heat when making a transaction on Craigslist?

    Just wondering how many people pack a gun with them when they buy something off CL or have someone come to their house or goto undisclosed location to make the sale. I do all the time. I have a CCW, cant trust people.
  16. NICE Original, Un-restored Pack-Mule

    NICE Original, Un-restored Pack-Mule

    NICE Original, Un-restored Pack-Mule found on the Internet.
  17. NICE Original, Un-restored Pack-Mule

    NICE Original, Un-restored Pack-Mule

    NICE Original, Un-restored Pack-Mule found on the Internet.
  18. bullhead

    Pack cycle

    This mornings project. The origional wheels are pretty bad. So I came up with a Baja 19X7X8 rear with drum brake. And a Mini Doodle front wheel and tire. The engine is a 5HP B&S. What do you think? Bullhead This is the before; This is after,so far;
  19. 1

    Pack mule owners: what's your gearing?

    I have two pack mules, one running and one project. The project needs the entire front jack-shaft and a drive pulley. My runner has: 5" variable drive pulley 1st jackshaft: 6" driven pulley and 21-tooth 3.5" diam gear 2nd jackshaft: 40-tooth 6.5" diam gear and 10-tooth 2.5" diam gear...
  20. DriveX Pack-Mule - Right Closeup

    DriveX Pack-Mule - Right Closeup

    DriveX Pack Mule