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  1. slywilliez

    wtb bonanza BC 1500 / BC1400 fiber glass seat pan

    wtb bonanza BC 1500 / BC1400 fiber glass seat pan original or complete seat.
  2. lostinbaja

    WANTED Scat-Cat ASC114 Seat or seat pan.

    WANTED Scat-Cat ASC114 Seat or seat pan. I would also welcome dimensions of the original seat so I can have Karen make me a seat. Let me know what you have.... Thanks Jerry....
  3. Not so mini bike

    Aluminum seat pan

    Anyone know where I can get one. Or is anyone making one?
  4. OND

    Bonanza BC 1310, 1400, 1500 Seat Pan (Re-Popped)

    Re- Popped BC 1310, 1400, 1500 seat pan for sale. This is the longer seat pan for the Bonanza's not the shorter MX style. I re-popped this off of a original seat that's posted in the pics. Seat on the (left) is the one that is re-popped (right) is the original. $75.00 plus shipping , these...
  5. Biffmini

    Universal cafe seat pan option There's also a square back style, nice price!
  6. 19honda69

    Wanted MX1410/BC1500 Seat Pan

    Looking for a long MX Seat Pan (MX1410/MX1310 or BC1500). Complete seat will also work.
  7. patrick2260

    My Muffler is too close to my seat pan and vinyl ?????

    Hi guys. The Taylor muffler has about 1/4" clearance between it and the vinyl. I don't plan to ride it but once. As I do after every restore. Then I set it next to all my others. However, I do want to make sure it's ok. If I ever sell it. Thanks and please let me know if you think it will...
  8. Thad

    Bonanza chopper forks and seat and seat pan

    Please help if you can. I am trying to get this ready for my daughter for X-mas. She is the only one who fits! Lol! Feel your heartstrings being tugged. Thank you for any help and for your time and interest.
  9. Thad

    Bonanza chopper seat pan

    I need a bonanza chopper seat pan peferably with the cover and foam intact but... If there is a difference between the e code model seat and the regular model I have some research to do. Thank you. If you also have a good free set of forks also I may be in the market for those too. Thank you...
  10. M

    wtb '71 bombardier bantam trail seat pan or complete seat

    hey guys i'm searching for a bombardier bantam trail seat pan or complddte seat, mine is missing completely, will look at anything with a solid base, or even some pictures of a good seat base that i could fabricate up a new one. happy to pay a fair price and open to international shipping ...
  11. R

    Bonanza mini bike 1510 mx seat pan vintage mini bike

    Just found this on Craigs List for you Bonanza Hodaka Owners Bonanza Mini Bike 1510 MX Seat Pan Vintage Mini Bike | eBay
  12. cruhr1

    New fox campus seat cover and pan repairs

    Thanks to Karen (Manchester1) for hooking me up with this nice campus seat cover. She even doctored up my original foam and made it like new again. My seat pan was cracked on both rear corners (like most are). My first idea was to lay fiberglass in the corners but after several discussions...
  13. bonanza mx seat pan

    bonanza mx seat pan

    bonanza mx seat pan
  14. bonanza mx seat pan

    bonanza mx seat pan

    bonanza mx seat pan
  15. bigevilone2

    Bonanza BC 1400 fiberglass seat pan

    Looking for a Bonanza BC 1400 fiberglass seat pan. Can be broken or cracked or chunks missing. Broken studs are also OK. Let me know watcha got ! Thanks Ed
  16. manchester1

    Ruttman grasshopper seat question

    I'm doing a seat for a Ruttman Grasshopper. Does anybody have some good photos? I'm only starting with a seat pan. There was some rivets in the bottom of the pan holding what was left of some seat:laugh: Are the rivets original or was there snaps? Thanks for any help.
  17. tbird

    flip up seat pan

    I have this metal flip up seat pan that I'm selling. This would be perfect for those gas caps that fall right under the seat or easy spark plug access. It is 16 3/8 inches long by 7 inches wide in the back and 5 3/8 inches wide in the front. The bolt holes are 5 3/8 inches apart from center to...
  18. pick6roger

    Honda Z50 Seat Dimensions Needed for Restoration.

    I'm Restoring a 1970 Maverick Mini Trail and Instead of rebuilding whats left of my original seat pan it looks like a Z50 seat might fit and you can by those new. Would someone be willing to measure the width and length of the seat Pan. Also the Height of the actual seat from where the material...
  19. Bonanza seat pan

    Bonanza seat pan

    Seat pan
  20. Bonanza seat pan

    Bonanza seat pan

    Seat pan