1. Sixpac440

    50cc Kids Youth Pocket Dirt Bike $300

    Purchased this past spring for our granddaughter, used very little. You don't need to shift it, it's an automatic. Also comes with a strut I made to lower the bike for a youth of small stature. Everything works as it should. Comes with Certificate of Origin, Manual ect.
  2. O

    49 cc Pocket Rocket Custom

    Son and I built this outta scrap pocket bikes, including hardened acrylic enamel I shot on, had to rebuild carb this evening before I could get this new used engine to start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcqmXH7jWx0
  3. L

    WTB pocket bike front tire with disc brake

    Looking for a pocket bike front tire with disc brake attached, thank you.
  4. 2SlickNick

    DB parts and pocket bike rim

    DB parts for sale: -stock 72T sprocket - $18 + shipping - disc brake rotor - $14 + shipping - Front db rim without bearings - $20 + shipping - db30 rear rim with part of bearing outter race stuck in the rim - $20 + shipping Also have -Pocket bike rim (...
  5. theredlineboss

    Chinese Pocket Bike

    Just picked up what seems to be a Chinese pocket-bike (or it used to be) & was curious if anyone could identify the brand. I looked for numbers or markings, but could not find anything useful. Thanks! -Rob
  6. 125ccCrazy

    Wanted:10" pocket bike rear wheel

    looking for a rear wheel like this one..tire doesn't matter.
  7. F

    looking for 8" or 10" pocket bike front wheel and tire

    As the title states looking for a 8" or 10" front wheel and tire off a pocket bike or something similar
  8. J


    My home made mini bike. Modified generator frame. 5,5hp clone. Home made seat. Pocket bike fork. Work in progress. But fun to ride.
  9. T

    pocket bike wheels on OldMiniBikes

    I'm looking for pocket bike wheel dimensions from sprocket to rotor(max 5 inches). I really like the look can anyone help???
  10. JohnnyTillotson


    Got this AH47 on a chainsaw. I'm gonna combine this one with the one i had to make one running engine for my littlest guys pocket pike. Maybe be my buildoff bike. Old and new combined kinda of theme.
  11. omahgarsh

    Gearing With Pocket Bike Tires

    -DB30 with stock Predator 212 -12 tooth clutch -60 tooth sprocket -13x6.50x6 pocket bike rear tire Is this a good setup ??? If not why not ???
  12. markus

    pocket bike syle muffler or part of wanted

    I am looking for a pocket bike style muffler system or at least part of one to try and make something else with. All I really need is the cone shaped expansion area for the most part, so it could be cut up etc... its for something custom before I order a new one to cut up figured I'd ask...
  13. JohnnyTillotson

    Anyone know their pocket bikes?

    Guy in my neighborhood was selling this pocket bike frame for $30. Couldnt resist. Pretty sturdy little thing. Was electric. I need to look for a seat so hoping someone knows what the heck it is. Mounts look pretty specific. Also, I am now in the market for a 2 cycle. Something small...
  14. capguncowboy

    Pocket bike disc brake calipers

    2 brake calipers, previously used. came in a bulk purchase. Both are functional, and have lots of brake pad left. Could be used on a mini bike or cart as well. $15 each shipped. $25 for the pair shipped.
  15. capguncowboy

    Pocket bike wheels and tires

    Wheels are 8" aluminum. They've been painted, but it's flaking off. Bearings and axles are included. Small sprocket for back wheel, not sure of pitch, but it's smaller than #35. Brake disk on both. Tires are in excellent shape, still have tread, hold air, no cracks. These would look nice on...
  16. bikebudy

    Good Deal, Pocket bike wheels

    e-bay 301157300252
  17. philbo

    Any idea what this mini bike is? Sorta like a pocket bike?

    What do you guys think? Any ideas appreciated! Thanks!
  18. minibikekid

    FS pocket bike rim/tire

    Rear rim and tire. Tire is decent has a little bit of tread left. Rim has some rash where the chain smacked it I'm assuming. 25 shipped located in Charlotte NC
  19. Timmahhhhh

    Two Cycle Carb Vs. Four Cycle Carb

    I am building a bike with a 5 hp Tecumseh HSK 850 2-cycle engine. The snow blower carb does not offer much in the way of adjustment. Could I use a 4 cycle carb from an Hs40 or something? What is the difference? The 4 cycle carbs seem to have a lot more adjustments,such as idle speed and...
  20. Itype2slo

    Pocket chopper

    I saw this at the thrift store today. Is this just a Chinese pocket bike or home made? It has a cool factor to it