1. Old enough

    Wow! post a photo cant'

    Why can't I do this sh#%, why do the photos flip over and stay upside down, can't find them after upload, what's with the blurry check mark imposed over the photos, can't even make an album, can I delete the upside down failures? pissin me off! I give up, all new to me.
  2. M

    Denied post

    Having trouble starting a post in the classified section under complete mini bikes. I believe I've included all requirements needed, gave up on trying to add photos now just trying a written post. Any ideas would be appreciated?
  3. Tsmithers3

    Post gets denied??

    Trying to post in the complete classifieds section. Every time I try to post or preview my post gets denied saying something about to many URL's or forbidden words. Any help? Only have 6 pictures and a decent sized paragraph.
  4. suprf1y

    Long time no post

    It's been five years since I've posted here, thought I'd put up a pic of my latest project Bought this thing a few weeks ago. There's a bit of a mini bike craze going on around here right now, so they're getting almost impossible to find for a decent price. This was a non-runner, been...
  5. R

    Deal gone bad... long post.

    I've resigned myself to accepting what I'm about to describe as a learning experience, but I want to share it with others for the purposes of feedback as well as helping to prevent similar issues for others out there. I sold an engine to OldMiniBikes member Karl Masslofsky (screenname Not so mini...
  6. C

    What is this? First timer post

    Trying to post but I am denied. Here is the message below. Please help, thanks "Post denied. New posts are limited by number of URLs it may contain and checked if it doesn't contain forbidden words."
  7. C

    First post

    Starting a father/son project using my old mini bike I had as a kid. Hope to learn a lot here!:smile:
  8. jdogg

    Editing a post time limit

    Has our time to edit a post been bumped up and if so does anyone know how long? And if it has thank you Hent!! If this was discussed before sorry I missed it! :thumbsup:
  9. markus

    Headlight mount look familiar??? single post

    Just got this AP-4600 headlight in for something that uses a square block mount, It has a unique "mount block" on it that while isn't the flashiest looking it does look manufactured and probably zinc coated due to condition. Anyone seen one like it on a bike before??? Its mounted to...
  10. smudvapor

    Not sure where to post this

    I just wanted everyone to know that at the Austintown, Ohio Harbor Freight there is an 8HP Predator Engine that was on display for sale for 140 dollars.
  11. cheezy1

    Rare....for me to post

    I picked up a couple of these the other day. I know they are made by Baja...but there are several versions. I know they are sold at different places under different names....but that is all I know. I have not been able to find any info or pics to match this version. Any help especially pics...
  12. LSCustoms

    Entry Post Examples

    2015 Custom Built frame (Temecula Bob based Frame)... Further Customized By LSC. ***The photo used was uploaded in the OldMiniBikes Photo album section of the forum and then the link after "LINKED MEDIUM" was copied and pasted into this post*** this was posted as an example of an appropriately...
  13. S

    Why can't I post

    tried to post a for sale ad, was denied, tried to email the admin ad was deined, What is the deal? this is what I tried to post, is there a problen with it?
  14. S

    Post wreck rebuild

    Finaly got to the point where i could finish my rebuild. Extended the frame 4", pinstriped the engine, installed a new fuel tank, used woven nylon wire loom on the cables. Like i said before, Shes back to finish the job... :D :scooter:
  15. D

    First post new to us old mini what do we have here?

    We have been searching through the posted picks of minis but cant find one that quite looks like this frame, motor by s/n seems to be either 74/75 or 84/85 has the old Tecumseh numbering, bike owner my son, The bike is known as Monster Mini 14 due to the monster sticker on the fender & 14 on the...
  16. M

    My 1st post my 1st build DB

    Wats up every1 im fatz I'm new Wat yall think of my DB so far? Need sum tip and pointers
  17. Turbofiat124

    Why can't I post?

    Why can't I post? I'm not using any foul language or anything. I'm getting all sorts of errors just trying to post an introduction.
  18. cheezy1

    Post #8,000

    Ya...I am still here....:wink:
  19. ugmold

    Lil Indian, 1st post

    Hi folks, Today I bought a Lil Indian Minibike with a 5hp Honda engine. It had been sitting in a musty, stinky basement for years. I cleaned out the carb bowl, had water in it. Changed the oil, which was pretty gunky. Everything looks pretty good. Started on the 3rd pull. Missing air filter...