1. Harleys Papa

    Manchester1 seats if you have one post a pic here

    Karen/Manchester1 does great seat work and they should be show cased :thumbsup: So if you have one post a pic of it Here is the one she just did for me, its for a Sears/Manco Puddle Jumper. I had no idea what it should have looked like and didn't care, so I made a pan and glued on some carpet...
  2. tippycanoenm

    a feature i enjoy on this forum

    For the most part, one feature i enjoy on this forum is a persons avatar.........cept maybe the questionable ones, i love to see everyone's pride and joy and hope soon i will be able to post one of my finished builds..........i think ones avatar says alot about a person...........
  3. O

    How many minibikes do you have?

    I have 15 right now. I get paid tomorrow and Im supposed to be picking up a few more in the next couple days. I would post pics of them all next to each other but I keep them in 2 different locations. :scooter:
  4. B

    What did I just pull out of the shed?

    Alright guys, just like the title says. My brother bought this frame and wheels from my uncle about 10 years ago and I just pulled it out of the shed this week. Thought I saw a similar post saying it was a Hap Jones, but I'm looking for more info and original engine. Thanks!
  5. J

    new to the community

    hello everyone im very new to the minibike world. i just bougth my first minibike frame.i,am thinking it,s a bonanza bc 1000/1200?? frame looks good an had front an back rims that dont match :laugh: anyway just wanted to say hi too all.and an sure i will be needing a lil help from all. i...
  6. O

    Hello, Just looking

    Hello, I'm in Indiana and Sorry I'm new to this but wanted some info and found this site, This was picked up from my Father in law and I have no idea or clue to what it is, I am in my (well lets just say old) and couldn't ride this so I am going to sell it but wanted as much info on it as I can...
  7. O

    What is this gas tank from?

    Can anybody post a picture of the minibike this gas tank came on?
  8. T

    Bikebuddy does some fine work!

    Received my Harrison Wildcat decal today!.......:smile:...... I had wanted to put a decal on my Harrison, but was not happy with either the red or blue ones commonly available, enter Bikebuddy " Cory", I told him I wanted the decal in Yellow to match the color of my bike, we shot a bunch of pm's...
  9. M

    how do u post pictures

    I cany seem to figure it out im sure im just a little special or something pleas help
  10. pro tc

    Sensation minibike

    This is the mini bike i grew up riding just about done with it i want to redo the seat and a few other things. I have not seen many sensation's around post up your pic's if you have one.
  11. rollin2

    Never saw a Hodaka mini

    Im going to try to copy this,but if it dont work.It is listed as Hodaka mini bike on Tulsa ok craigslist Ok im a computer dumbass..But i hope some can find and post it for me....Not mine,just thought it was cool.And check out the exhaust
  12. G

    The motor? one??

    Just picked this up and I am not sure what it is. I can post more pics if needed.
  13. george3


    Post this in the freak section Vintage Mini Bike For Project
  14. MCF2891

    Mini Bike Trikes

    Post your mini bike trikes. If you turned a mini bike into a trike explain how you did it and tell what frame it is!!!
  15. LSCustoms

    Perfomance built Hemi Predator project

    this motor is going on another project, in another thread... but thought Id post a thread on it specifically, as alot of people prob wont realize what all is going into that "cruiser project", or may not like taco 22 style bikes.. hoping to have the motor dyno'd if i can find someone to do this...
  16. B


    Hello everybody! New forum member here from Washington, PA. Just picked up a mini bike "for the kids" over the weekend, and while searching for parts, found this forum. Don't know the brand, model, etc, just know it has a Tecumseh HS40 motor on it. As soon as i figure out how, I'd like to post...
  17. B

    where can i post trike parts for sale with out getting in truble

    where can i post trike parts for sale with out getting in truble
  18. 6doggie3

    Trojan Mini Bikes

    Post what you have or owned!
  19. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Manco Thunderbird Budget Build

    Started on my second bike project this week--a Thunderbird I picked up for 50 bucks with a 5hp GC160 on it. Lots of work to do, so thought I'd post the progress on this project. This will be a rider, I broke the bank with my Bird this is on the cheap.