Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

  1. L

    Clutches that LAUNCH

    What is the best general gear ratio and clutch to get a HUGE launch for a descent price. $200 or less.
  2. jeep4me

    Chrome Ruttman Sprockets

    Two chrome Ruttman sprockets for sale. One really nice, one ok with a couple extra drill holes. $30 for both, shipping included. Must buy both at this price. Will not separate. PayPal only.
  3. brown boonie

    trapper wheels axles needed

    I need front and rear wheels and axles. Please let me know if you have a set vfor a fair price. Thanks!
  4. D

    Looking for these 2 parts

    Looking for a complete live axel kit 1" shaft. Kit must be complete. Also I am looking for a keyed crankshaft for my Honda GX270. The motor I have in the box has a tapered shaft set up for a pump motor. If you have either of these and you live in the michigan area we can negotiate a price if you...
  5. J

    Tecumseh Clutch Guard Bracket

    Here is a chrome clutch guard bracket that came off a Tecumseh engine. Price $25.00 plus shipping
  6. J

    4" Shin tires

    Here is a nice pair of Shin tires 4.10-3.5-4" Price $25.00 plus shipping
  7. kyle2putt

    PUMA 200 Mini Bike price

    I have a PUMA 200 Mini Bike. Anybody know how much these are going for now?
  8. G

    lowest asking price for 97/98cc doodlebug engine?

    Just wondering if anyone can sell me a doodlebug engine for less than $75 shipped? It's for a motorized bicycle, and is my main transportation to work. I'm on a pretty tight budget as I'm only working part time (hopefully full time soon) and I'm just wondering who can offer me a doodlebug engine...
  9. Q

    What's a reasonable asking price for my bike?

    I've had her on craigslist a while, and I continue to lower the price, but still no REAL biters. I rebuilt the engine which a 3.5 Tecumseh and the frame is pretty solid. It has most everything but needs a little love (throttle cable, torque converter, chain, ect.) How much could I ask?
  10. gumpit

    worth the price of the parts...
  11. thejoker

    I got excited until I seen the price

    HPE cat dominator minibike mini bike make offer
  12. LSCustoms

    Forgot what this is, but price isnt bad

    price isnt bad if someone is into this sort of bike... $120 Mini Bike (Running Condition) text from ad:
  13. ArcticMinibike

    Painting Tanks and Fenders - Need Advice

    I have a number of Arctic Cats, 2 of which need paint on the tanks. The '72 Prowler needs the fenders done as well. All 4 pieces will be restored to the original metallic Navel Orange color. I've gone back and forth on doing it myself and paying to have it done. I've done plenty of lacquer and...
  14. 5

    Ripon Doodlebugs for a nice price

    Mini bike (2) , doodlebug ,
  15. trailramdan

    Neat bike good price

    Mini bike Motor and seat need to go
  16. B

    N.O.S. Raptor price question

    I found a NOS never fired Raptor for 175 bucks. Is that a good buy? It would be used in a vintage racing kart but not raced....just for fun. Depending on gearing, how fast could the cart go with no engine mods? Thanks!
  17. JDDesign

    This is a cool bike and price seems good.

    1972 bronco mini-cycle I'm not interested but figured someone might.:scooter:
  18. E

    Price check help real quick

    Sorry, im a newbie and not sure if price check rules etc but in need in next half hour. Decided to finally pull trigger on getting a bike. Going with the DB. There is a local guy with one for sale $250, says its mint except, i love that, mint except stuff. Anyway, says choke lever broke...
  19. ArcticMinibike

    Arctic Cat / Coleman / Fox Recoil Price

    Did you guys catch how much that broken down Sachs recoil just went for on ePay? $396.99!!!. That's crazy! From the looks of it, it's going to need another $50-$75 to get it pads and plastic guide. Wow! Congratulations to the lucky bidder...I guess. This hobby is getting to darn...
  20. slywilliez

    1971 RUPP mini bike price list.

    I was looking around and I could find any original pricing for the 1971 rupp line up. Post any pricing list you may have. Thanks :thumbsup::thumbsup: