1. delray

    crack price for db

    ok here's a crack price for a doodle bug:doah: NEW MINI BIKE - $450
  2. oldschoolmbrida

    crackhead price haha

    Old School Minibike now is that a crackhead price or what for that bike haha:thefinger::thefinger:
  3. ohman11

    Price of DB 30

    I have a new one with a new max torque clutch and a new 6.5 clone, I am thinking of selling it. What would you think is a fair asking price?
  4. J

    URGENT: Minibike I.D. & value needed ASAP!!!

    Hey guys, I picked up this beast a couple of weeks ago & haven't really had much time to look into exactly what it may be & what its value might be. I found something I want to buy, but the owner doesn't want to sell. He prefers good ole horse-tradin' instead. So.... He's on his way over &...
  5. R

    best price for DB30?

    Greetings All The bug bit me,saw one at Dicks Sporting Goods last week for a sale price of 289.00 plus tax.Went to local Pep Boys today but they did not have one. Reading through some threads here, and I see they have been bought for as low as 189.00? I live in the chicagoland area and...
  6. Yellowhand

    What's a good price for these?

    I'm cutting billet aluminum to length to run off some intake manifolds on midwestx's CNC lathe and CNC vert mill... First run will be 2" (as pictured), 3" and 4" lengths in both 2.375" and 2.500" flange diameter... Some will be milled (to shape) on the carb end to match round slide type...
  7. C

    Is This Chopper Worth The Price

    I Just Bought This The Other Day Just Seeing If It Was A Good Price .. If So I Am Able To Get Another One But The Guy Wants 275 .. I Paid 150 For This One And He Gave Me An Engine For It ..i Believe It To Be The 400 Or 500 Bonanza
  8. den35

    Price Question.

    I'm almost done the engine replacement on my Arctic Cat Prowler,and am not sure what to do with the original Saxonnette engine. It's main engine bearings are toast,and it leaks gearcase oil like a strainer.I'm contemplating stripping it and seeing if I can find parts that will fit...