1. Sixpac440

    I have an H70 with scoring and it had a stuck pushrod ... Pics ...

    Looking for some input .. is it worth fixing? It had a stuck open exhaust valve due to a stuck pushrod .. Possibly tied in with the breather being plugged with mud .. The piston is scored both front and back ... The cylinder is also scored up front and back .. I...
  2. B

    Pushrod length

    Put a what I believe is a gx160 head on my hemi predator. Running a black mamba sr cam. I tried to use my stock length hemi Pushrod(5.54in) , but I could barely thread the lockout on yhr rocker stud. Replaced the pushrods with 5.34in long, and I can get my lockouts on, but now it seems like I'm...
  3. D

    zero lash

    I've searched and read for an easy way to adjust my valves to zero lash cold, but haven't found an easy way. If I bring it to tdc on the compression stroke and tighten them down where a .002 feeler gauge won't fit between the lash cap and rocker arm, the pushrod still has a lot of play up and...
  4. D

    SS pushrod vs. Moly pushrod

    I've not heard anything about SS pushrods. I'm wanting to run a Mamba Jr. with 26lb springs. Are the chromoly rods better/stronger/lighter than the SS pushrods? Just curious. Any information/opinions are welcomed. Thanks.
  5. S

    Pushrod guide plate

    I just installed the ~1.3 rockers from NR racing in a GX160, I have currently run the engine but not long with the OEM pushrods. While surfing ARC website I noticed they state that this Guide Plate is required for the stamped 1.3 rockers. I noticed no such advice from the NR website, is the...