rear sprocket

  1. Kartman01

    Help Finding Rear Sprocket

    I am trying to find a new rear sprocket like the one in the photos. It is a 60T sprocket for what I believe is a #35 chain. The brake basket is just over 4 1/4" in diameter. I have found a few 60T sprockets that visually look similar, but claim to have a 4 1/2" basket. I have a photo of the...
  2. SnakePliscan

    Dirt Bug, 19" ape hangers. drilled rear sprket, xtra foot pegs

    Thought i would share some more mods to my dirt bug. The rear sprocket i drilled with a 1 1/2" or so hole saw and a 7/8" bit. I couldn't stand that it looked like a 10" pie plate, The 2nd set of pegs are for standing up while im bombin along, that and the ape hangers make for a squirrely...
  3. Kustomtoyz

    Rupp rear sprocket - Where to buy??

    I need a 70 (I think) Rupp Roadster rear sprocket and can not find one... Does no one sell new ones? You'd think a part like that would be simple to find. The one I want has the oval holes or cut-outs (I think the 72+ have the round cut-outs). Ebay has a used one like I want but looks rusted /...
  4. T

    Boonie Jackshaft, Kickstand, Rear Sprocket

    Hi, I just picked up a Boonie frame and am looking for a jackshaft assembly or info on how to make one, a kickstand, rear sprocket/brake assembly, rear fender to motor mount bracket and I could also use a seat. Any information is appreciated. Thank-you, Rick