1. CaptNugget

    NEED: front rim for my Wards T555 Terrain Cycle

    Need a new front rim for the Wards T555 Terrain Cycle I picked up. Old owner rigged it up stupidly ..
  2. Not so mini bike

    6inch 5 star mag wheel with tire and tube

    6" rim with Carlisle 4.10/3.50-6 tube with dill tube. Tire is slightly used with good tread and not cracks. Tube is also used but hold air. Rim is 5 star mag wheel believed to be trail horse. Rim could use a better cleaning. It was painted whit and black I stripped all off and cleaned. Look good...
  3. R

    Need 4" rim with sprocket.

    Like the title says, I need a 4" rim that takes the typical 1-3/8" OD 5/8" ID snap ring bearings. Would prefer a steel 2pc unit but can work with a 1pc rim. Any number of teeth but would like to stay with #35 chain.
  4. L

    Carlisle,tire,rim,Ruttman rim,slick

    1 Carlisle Indian Head tire and rim with bearings 4.10/3.50-4. Tire has cracking see photo's. A nice clean original Ruttman 4' steel wheel 4.10/3.50-4 with 60 tooth sprocket, bolts and slick. Bearings seem to be ok. Old school wheel.. $75.00 for both tires and rims + shipping
  5. J

    Manco rim

    Hey guys i'm looking for a new rim for my manco thunderbird because my last one got bent some how and I have no idea why but yeah if you guys know where i could find on i would be thankful :)
  6. D

    What kind of wheel is this?

    I found a box of old minibike parts in my parent's attic. There were several 6" rims. This one in particular looks like an original taco wheel. Does anyone know what it is and how much it is worth? I am looking for a good 6" rear wheel/brake assembly combination but this one will not work out...
  7. Thecatmilton

    Engine and Rim painting Honda Z50

    Does anybody know how to get that nice silvery aluminum stock paint color on a Honda z50? :shrug:
  8. 93notch408

    10'' x8 pocketbike rim,tire,brake rotor

    i have a 10'' pocketbike rim/tire for sale the tire is in great condition needs wheel bearings but comes with the brake rotor $30...+buyer pays for shipping or my trade for other things lmk
  9. Spyderdregg

    Universal tread tires for 8" rim.

    Im having a Hell of a time finding a universal tire for 8" rim,does anyone know where I might find one?
  10. leiTm0TiF

    Baja Heat/Warrior/Hawg Ty rear wheel/rim with drum brake assembly.

    Like the title says! Not to worried about a tire being included. Let me know if you've got one, and a price!
  11. JamnJM

    6" Rupp Turbine (?) wheel set with drum brakes and sprocket

    I have a good but used set of 6" Rupp Turbine (?) wheel set with brakes and drums, #35 chain sprocket and I'll also throw in the axles, new chain to jack shaft and bald slick tires too $75 plus shipping: Front: Rear (some welds on sprocket mounts, sprocket was worn on 1x side so...
  12. old taco rim half

    old taco rim half

    5 inch taco rim valve stem side
  13. old taco rim half

    old taco rim half

    5 inch taco rim valve stem side
  14. old taco rim half

    old taco rim half

    inside bearing hole
  15. old taco rim half

    old taco rim half

    inside bearing hole
  16. old taco rim half

    old taco rim half

    5 inch taco rim valve stem side
  17. old taco rim half

    old taco rim half

    5 inch taco rim valve stem side
  18. Custom Manco Gokart Build

    Custom Manco Gokart Build

    Parts to have powdercoated.
  19. Mac

    ▖ ▖ 4" Rim & Sprocket(Ed2Windber) ▖ ▖

    Four inch steel rim and 60 tooth #35 sprocket with 3/4" bearings. Sprocket still in good shape. Space from rim to sprocket= 1 1/4" Bearing to bearing = 3 1/2" About 4 3/4" total width. Proceeds to Evil Ed's Windber 2012 fund. $35.00 Delivered to any of the lower 48 states.
  20. S

    General Traction Tire 5.30/4.50-6

    I am replacing the tires on my Rupp, so I dont have any use for this thing. It's in pretty decent shape. Tiny cracks from age, but this thing can be fully inflated without any problems. The tread is still very good. **THE INNER TUBE IS NOT INCLUDED** I'll take $20 + shipping (will most...